The Return of Salvage

With the news that Salvage gear would be upgradable, I asked Slaan to buy some ingots off the AH before word got out. By the time I got home they were already almost double what I paid for them. I paid 180k for 6 Imperial Wootz. Now they’re 50-80k apiece. Not terrible but not as cheap as I managed.

As soon as they announced that Salvage gear would be upgradable, the entire group wanted to get back together.  So we’ve been going 1-2 times a week. Man has it paid off. We’ve completed Neph and Ere’s Skadi Feet,  Mart’s Usu legs, Ere’s Marduk’s Jubbah and picked up an Ares’ 35 for Ere too. Oh and did I mention I got hold of a Morri body 35 😉 ?

I realise that right now, the Morri Robe is about on a par with the Goetia +1. It still remains the best nuking body for RDM.  Whilst eventually I may upgrade the BLM body to +2 there is so much to do right now that having the Morri would take some pressure off. It’s also a dream piece for me… something which I never thought I’d afford.

DEF: 38 STR +8 INT +8 MND +8
Accuracy +5 Attack +5
Magic Atk. Bonus +5
Adds “Refresh” effect

If you +1 it are we looking at base stats of +10, Acc and Att of +8 and MAB of +7? Maybe even Refresh +2. Hell for +1 I’d settle for stats +9, Acc and Att +6 and MAB +6. If you +2 I expect to see +12, acc and att +7 and MAB+7 or 8.

I really had missed the Salvage static. It’s nice to do something outside of Aby.  And if we don’t go, I never get to hang out with Mart.  I’m so excited about my Morri and can’t wait until tomorrow. Ere picks up his new shoes tomorrow too 🙂



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One Comment on “The Return of Salvage”

  1. February 23, 2011 at 05:32 #

    I was really excited to hear that they were making salvage gear upgradable as well — half of our old group has gotten back together to trio salvage and it’s a nice break! Grats on completing some pieces in your group, and good luck on your Morrigan’s Robe! I’m still QQ’ing over mine that I spent 16M on, but at least with this upcoming update there’s hope it’ll be better than just marginally best for red mage nuking!


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