May you live in interesting times

Well wow. Quite a curve ball you’ve thrown us Square Enix. Alexander is to merge with Shiva. After six years of the same shell we’re to repearl and rename ourselves and we will no longer be from Alexander.

There are mixed feelings about this amongst the peeps we know. Essentially leaving the server feels weird to everyone. Like most peeps, I identify solidly with my server and it hasn’t felt empty so I’m nervous that this merge could mess things up for us. We anticipated issues with the shell name as soon as we realised that character creation wasn’t closed fast. I created a mule with my own character name on Shiva, along with a couple of my friends in shell and so hopefully I can either use it again or change is as I see fit. The shell name was gone by the time we were able to buy one, as was a common variant. It was sad but we’re moving on now and the people remain the same so the shell will endure.

Things have changed a lot though so we decided we’d rather have a new shell name for a new environment. We’ve really given up even trying to pretend we cater to the NA crowd now. We just can’t. So peeps are predominantly EU or NA peeps who find the schedule convenient. We’re still pretty busy and recently have been oversubscribed for Sunday events so we must be doing something right.

I’m worried for some of my friends. They’ve already discovered that some of their names have gone. Many are rethinking character names in case town-mules have them. With the postponement of the server merge until the update we have a little longer.

SE has told us that WoE will get an overhaul and then more recently that they were going to release an official forum. Well today it launched… and oh boy did they release a couple of interesting bombshells from the developers.

Dynamis is the biggest one. It goes from being bi-weekly to daily. It doesn’t need an hourglass and you don’t ‘reserve’ it. Whether this means it’ll be WoE style – who knows. As long as the pool is either super public or restricted to parties/alliances then it’ll be fine. I’d prefer it to be alliance/party. The cost seems to be done away with in return for a one-off key item. CoP dynamis doesn’t seem to be covered in the same way. We are wondering whether it will be worth trying to upgrade relics now… Anyway I think they’re doing this to cut down the amount of gil generated by selling currency.

There are some nice other touches though. They’re going to give us new routes to empyrean armour. They’re going to let things stack to higher numbers and improve the size of the Dbox service. They’re also going to let us share ex gear between characters on the same account. That could be amazing for some things and should cut down on any mule drama.

We may need re-evaluate Dynamis if it seems worthwhile but right now the bottomline is the gear. If the currency isn’t worth much it might be worth farming up some for a relic but otherwise without upgrades/new drops I can’t see many being interested. If however, they add evolith to upgrade certain gear… then I can see it.

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One Comment on “May you live in interesting times”

  1. March 9, 2011 at 04:57 #

    Good luck with names and the server merge! I know I was pretty bummed out when my name was taken and I had to alter mine, but life goes on. Hopefully not too many of you guys have to deal with it!


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