Everything I didn’t want to know about BLU but am now learning

I’ve been considering levelling BLU on Eld, simply to be able to cover all possible Grellow procs. Yes, I’m that sad. It’s also because I love mage jobs and I feel that BLU has been neglected. My BLU is level 5 and is my lowest job, even lower than MNK and SAM at 7.

I really, really wanted to level BLU when I heard about it. In all the other Final Fantasy games I would religiously collect Enemy magic spells and abilities and I really wanted to do it again in XI. However the reality of the experience put me off enormously within the first 4-5 levels.  It took me so long to learn pollen I vowed never to go there again. It was enormously frustrating.

I didn’t level BLU and forgot about. I also began to see how melee oriented it can be and I really wasn’t as interested.

Right now, I really don’t want another entirely new job to level but I still might do it. I can’t keep up with gearing/xping the jobs I have now as it is, so another might be ridiculous. However EAF actually makes it easier for me rather than tougher so I still might get around to.

I then had a brainwave.  Just before I inherited Mitch, I’d been helping him get BLU spells. It occurred to me that his BLU was 60+… In fact 62. So why not mess around with BLU on him and see how tough it was.

The first thing I did was take him along to an xp party in Altepa and got him to 74. I had hoped to hit 70 so 74 was a bonus, getting Ni in the process.

I then had to learn an awful lot very quickly about BLU, blue magic, learning spells and gear.  Working on the principle that his AF would have to do as  base and that I’d be stuck in the body and hands for learning spells anyway… I looked through his inventory and pulled together a sufficient set. Amemet Mantle +1,  Ohat, swift belt, chiv chain, couple of acc rings, suppa etc. I stole Silk’s Hedgehog bomb and vermy for now and then realised his weapons whilst excellent for 62, were pretty outdated at 74.

Mitch doesn’t have a Joyeuse and the AH had no swords whatsoever (the first time I checked) for a blu 62-75. So I did some digging and found a gear guide. Ifrit’s sword came recommended for the mid-60s and I figured it had to be better than nothing and more to the point… was free!

So then I put Mitch and Eld on the airship to Kazham. Ure needed Ifrit still for his SMN, so he came to join me. It all took far too long but we got there eventually and in good spirits. We quickly pwned Ifrit’s face in and got Mitch his sword and Ure his summon.

When I checked through, Mitch had all his spells up to and including 59. I finished off the 60 ones solo and then began the job of working out which he needed from 60-70. These include some of the grellow procs and some useful ones like Voracious Trunk which I discovered is critical for Auto Refresh spell sets.

I haven’t entirely gotten my head around all of the possible job traits you can engineer but I get the basic principle.  I haven’t experimented with Chain Affinity yet either.

Mitch’s skill was obviously too low for 74 and your skill has to be within a certain range of the spell you’re trying to learn or you can’t. So there’s no point in xping Mitch further until his skill is higher. It was spot on for 62 but way too low for 74. So I’ve been out spell hunting and spamming and skilling his blue magic as I go.

Learning spells in the 60-63 realm has been almost automatic.  I’m noticing its harder for him to learn the 68-70 spells or just I got super unlucky. Between soloing, dboxing and going out with Mel/Kuro/Bergi he now has everything to 65 and a handful of others. He’d picked up a couple of higher ones himself before I took over.

Spinal Cleave was the most annoying to learn I think but Mitch picked it up faster than Kuro. It’s not the learning so much as the making it happen.  It took us many mobs to get them to bloody use it, breaking one weapon, not both etc etc on Qutrubs.  When you set out to learn Blue Magic you find there are all these weird things you have to take into consideration about mobs and what makes them use certain JA.

Ladybugs annoyed me the most personally because I was doing those solo.  They only use the JA you want to learn during daylight and not very often. They’re irritating mobs to fight too. Still I got Spiral Spin eventually.

Frenetic Rip was almost a freebie, I learnt it first time.  Same with Body Slam.  Regurgitation took tons of mobs but that’s at the higher end of Mitch’s possible range, so I wasn’t surprised.

I have most of the reachable proc spells now. I do need Firespit and Mind Blast though. I can learn Firespit now but I think Mind Blast is a little out of my reach until I can skill up more.

I really didn’t realise HOW many BLU spells there are. I suspect my issues at a low level are to do with Blue Magic skill. I might dabble with it on Eld and see whether I can make it more enjoyable but this project with Mitch is kinda fun for now.  He won’t ever be decked out but with Aurore and Blu EAF I can get by.


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One Comment on “Everything I didn’t want to know about BLU but am now learning”

  1. Lisa
    April 8, 2011 at 20:06 #

    I actually level up BLU recently to 62 on an CRUOR party and now I’m out to farm spells.

    But what I wanted to point out is that when I got myself into a Dunes party at lvl 13, I didn’t have any spells. Lol. I killed the mobs so fast they didnt have a chance at using TP moves, and I didn’t care.

    Then at level 19 I had 1 spell. Metallic Body (which I learned in that dunes party with 0 BLU Magic Skill). And so I started to farm spells and learned very fast.

    I actually think I should just spam it to 90 and then try to learn everything with high level Skill…. But at the same time, I’m afraid I could just kill the mob before it using TP move. Because there are spells wiki lists that can only be learned on low level mobs, like Battle Dance, Feather Barrier, Death Ray and even without weapon can kill them very fast.


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