Version Update Announced: May 10th (Server merge go!)

Right, so the the long awaited major version update is finally go for May. It will be on Tues 10th. At this point the server merges will go ahead and Alexander will be merged into Shiva. I’m sure this will get lively. I have a mule on Shiva and I ran her to Jeuno.  They had about 50 more peeps logged in than we did. I’m not sure how large the regional populations are but it looks good for an EU shell.

Doubling the number of people around is going to be tough though.  I’m glad they’ve announced other ways of getting EAF upgrade items, including from the Visions and Scars zones. Hopefully this will stretch things out a bit. I have some vacation time to take at the end of this month and I think I am going to use it to make progress with EAF and my club. The club is a long term goal and not urgent but I’d like to get it done.

They’re closing all non-Jeuno based Auction Houses between the 6th and the 10th.  That will help a bit but most stuff people AH is up in Jeuno.

One thing which interests me is the changes to Kings. We’ve never done Kings as a shell. Not because we couldn’t kill em, but because no one wants to waste their time losing a claim to a bot. I’m not prepared to bot for stuff like that and we got pretty good at Einherjar eventually. Of course most of the gear is obsolete but for me at least I’d love to kill each one at least once, just to tick them off on the NM list.

I’m looking forward to the merit point changes because people might go xp again between now and August. I still need some cruor as I eventually want the mail/helm/dagger from Shinryu and no doubt I may need to Brew some Bukhis at some point for my wings. I don’t think I can face levelling BLU on Eld and may just settle for it on Mitch. Especially now as they’re reducing the number of procs BLU’s can do. Might level BRD on him though. I unlocked it specifically a while ago when doing a lot of BLM stuff.   I can sub BRD for procs but you can’t always land unless you can Ele Seal them so it might be worth having.  I usually end up on WHM for stuff but if not then its BLM.

Mitch got his third lunar abyssite last night which helps him a lot. He doesn’t have tons of Atma but he does have Razed Ruins, Minnikin and some others which help. Rescuer is one he uses a lot on RDM. I could do with getting him Allure and VV. I think he has Gnarled Horn. Apocalypse would be nice – as would be the Discernment Abyssite. He has Raja/Rani Caturae kills and some of the others. I’ll have to check out which he still needs. I think just the one in Attowha but it may be more.

As a shell we’re doing very well in April on making up for the lost time in March. We’ve completed almost everyone’s tier 1 wishes and are working our way down the tier2s. Other lower level wishes have been completed too. We have Kuro’s Ring to get when he can make it, Tibi’s RDM body seals to finish when she’s around and something else (probably for Kai).

Last night we managed to complete my BLM+2 hands,  half of something from a Tier III VNM for Mel and 5/6 of the upgrade items need for Slaan.  April should be a bumper month for wish fufillment! I wasn’t expecting my Tier 2 wish to come into it really except perhaps for the odd extra stone. Instead I now have the hands done. Bergi got me one of the gems for the BLM EAF Body +2 and I should probably work on Ul’huadoshi (sp?) pops for the feet.   WHM will probably occupy my #1 slot for the final month in May as for the set bonus I need the Orison Mitts +2. Feels like a waste of a slot somehow.

I’m curious about the future of XI. The new Void zones which are coming later this year look fun, as does Void Watch. Although if Void Watch involves more VNM crystals I think I’ll kill someone.  We’re living in interesting times in game terms. Job Adjustments, game improvements and whatever the hell ‘Grounds of Valor’ are… lots coming. Are they going to make mythics a reality? I’d love a Yagrush, its my dream item for WHM but whilst I’m Captain, have beaten Odin and the Salvage bosses etc, the chances of me ever getting one are zero right now. Not because I don’t want it but because there’s no way on earth I could raise 30k Alexandrite in less than 5 years. And I doubt there’s even 30k cruor out there…

Once they relaunch XIV though  I think that will be the telling time for this game.  I assume that SE wanted the next expansion of XI to be XIV… pity XIV isn’t there yet.


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