I want to kiss the Developers! Access to Kings at last!

Whilst our shell is more than capable of killing any of the Land Kings, it remains a sad fact that most of us haven’t. We have the odd person who has joined from HNM and most of us have killed the odd turtle or NQ Behe but we’ve never camped. We’ve taken down Ouryu’s, Baha v2 and every mob in the Abyssea zones with relative ease. KSNM99s, Odin, Wing III Einherjar, all dynamis wins – done.

Fact is, I have never, ever wanted to encourage botting in the shell. And nothing encourages botting as quickly as having to scan for HNM in different zones or worse… Kings. Because no one wants to waste their precious game hours on camping, only to lose the claim over and over.  Right now, if you want ToAU kings, I’m sure they’re pretty open. We’ve killed Cerb and Hydra but not Khimmy. Mostly because he’s a bit out of the way and because no one is that bothered.

I’ve never killed Aspi, Faffhog or KB.  At least not the full on versions.  I just didn’t see the point.  You sit your character there for hours, even if you don’t need to check in very often and then unless you’re lucky, you lose the claim to a bot.  Eventually someone gets sick of it and decides to buy a bot, just to claim. I just didn’t want to go there.

Now… as of today’s announcement on the forum you will do the KSNM99s for pop items for the Kings. The repop timer on the HNM battle will be 1min. Sure I can see the KB ??? being camped for a while but essentially if you have the seals, you have access to the fights.

Never have I been happier. Sure its a bit late. But there are still good endgame shells out there whose members just want to say they’ve killed those mobs.  There are people who still want an Adaberk, Ridill or Defending Ring. No doubt rings won’t be as common as we all hope (see KC drop rates methinks) but fact is,  we’ll be able to fight the freaking mobs.

  • [dev1009] New Trigger Conditions for Notorious Monsters
    • Trigger conditions for following notorious monsters will be adjustedto spawn by trading specific items to the “???” in the respective area.

      Fafnir / Nidhogg: Dragon’s Aery
      Behemoth / King Behemoth: Behemoth’s Dominion
      Adamantoise / Aspidochelone: Valley of Sorrows

      – The ”???” will respawn a minute after the battle is over.
      – The NM will despawn if unclaimed for 90 seconds at the spawned location.
      – The feature wherein the level of these monsters will increase after battling them for a period of time will remain unchanged.

    • How to obtain the trigger items:

      Fafnir: Treasure from “Early Bird Catches the Wyrm”
      Behemoth: Treasure from “Horns of War”
      Adamantoise: Treasure from “The Hills are Alive”
      * At least one of these items will be dropped in every battle.

      Nidhogg: Treasure dropped by Fafnir
      King Behemoth: Treasure dropped by Behemoth
      Aspidochelone: Treasure dropped by Adamantoise

    • The treasures dropped by the following notorious monsters will be adjusted as follows:

      Fafnir : Wyrm Beard removed
      Nidhogg : Drop rate of Wyrm Beard decreased
      Behemoth : Behemoth Tongue removed
      King Behemoth : Drop rate of Behemoth Tongue decreased
      Adamantoise : Adamantoise Egg removed
      Aspidochelone : Drop rate of Adamantoise Egg decreased

If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the [dev1009] tag.
*Details on obtaining the NM trigger items were updated on April 20, 2011.

Who cares whether its once or one hundred times, I for one am over the freaking moon about this


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9 Comments on “I want to kiss the Developers! Access to Kings at last!”

  1. April 20, 2011 at 15:50 #

    Glad to see someone NOT whining about this.

    I’m basically upbeat about this change. Sure, it’s not making it “easier” to pop these mobs (I think most people expected more “easy mode” changes) but it’s basically removing the inconvenience of camping and competing with bots. it also means, you can get set up with your friends and head off to pop it when you want to, rather than having some one pop up on the LS squeaking about needing help and having people haul ass out there. Even people being woken up to go…

    I do think KS99 is a bit harsh though. I have only ever accumulated ~200 KS in my entire FFXI career. I never had jobs that merited at bird camps and, in fact, I think I capped all my 75 jobs in Level Sync.

    Surely they will allow swapping of Kindred Crests for Kindred Seals though. Or something…


    • eldelphia
      April 20, 2011 at 22:12 #

      Wow, just wow. I’ve popped 5-6 KSNM99s personally and a whole HEAP of 30s over the years. I still have enough for at least one orb if not two. Of course I had a few jobs before level sync was ever on the cards but wow, I can’t think how little of the game you must have experienced or xp’d in to see so few seals. Did you start very recently?


  2. April 20, 2011 at 16:02 #

    I can see being happy about the access but I really cannot imagine you’re happy about needing 99 ks’s to pop them once. I dont know why people are all excited about these. Max you can get is 3 every 5 mins and thats if they 3 drop within the 5 mins and that you get a ks instead of a crest or beastmen seal . So now you go from wasting your game hours camping to wasting your game hours farming ks’s or leveling jobs you had no intention to level outside of abby praying the other 5 people there for ks’s dont get the one that drops ever 5ish minutes. I want easier access but SE can shove needing to do ksnm99’s to get access up their collective rear ends. Also this doesnt solve any problems with claiming Tiamat which is just as useful as Fafhogg or KB and much harder to get. I’d be jumping for joy if it wasn’t something that at 3 ks’s / 5 mins 2.5 hrs a day for one person to get a pop is the best of scenarios. I’d rather get a ki from an npc and be able to do it once every 3 days with the chance of a drop to be able to do the HQ. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they’re considering easier access I just wish it wasn’t something as unrealistic as do ksnm 99’s for a pop item.


    • eldelphia
      April 20, 2011 at 22:11 #

      I seriously find it hard to believe you guys don’t have any KS at this point, it really surprises me. Some of my friends have hundreds, a couple thousands. We’ve always done KSNM99 for BB items so this makes no difference to us. If anything it makes BB items MORE accessible cos you have 2 shots to get them now. NQ pops never dropped enough to be worth the time camping anyway.


      • April 21, 2011 at 02:41 #

        I leveled several jobs pre abby and have maybe enough for 3 KSNM 99 pops. Once those three are gone I’d have to farm. I’m glad others have had more luck. Prolly were those people who had the ks’s drop to them in the party while all the other members were passing everything in the pool except the ks hoping for them. I dont really care about black belt items I dont want or need them anymore. What I do care about is that I get to do kings 3 times for drops I may want before I spend 3+ hours farming another popset. I dont know why anyone is arguing BB drops with me when I have had mine since well before abyssea. I personally think 3 pops per 3 days (1 per king) enm wise would give greater access to these and not put an expiration date on them like this system will. I’d like to casually do Kings now that they really only drop 2-3 items worth farming but if I have to spend 3+ hrs farming a pop for them it wont be something I’m willing to do. Especially now that most of them can be found up and unclaimed whenever we’re in the mood for killing them why would this change be better? So while I’m sorry you’re surprised its not a whole lot of ppl in this game with 1000+ seals or even over 500 and some of those ppl without them are people who leveled the old fashioned way. My point is and will be if you’re opening it up to the public dont make them with an expiration date or 3+ hr farm time (Which is btw 3+ people in one ally farming as much as they can getting a kindred seal every 5 mins which also would imply they’re going against the nature of most players and letting one person get all the ks). As the T-Rex in Meet the Robinson’s says “I’ve got a big head and little arms and I just dont think this plan was thought out very well” Anyone with hundreds of seals to burn wont have any complaints til they and or all their friends run out. Call me a visionary but I’m looking longer term than the next two to three months after the update.


        • eldelphia
          April 21, 2011 at 09:15 #

          I don’t have hundreds but I have enough for 1 maybe 2 orbs. But I have a linkshell full of friends who also have seals. This is a group activity and not one done in isolation. I don’t think Kings will be spammed past a few odd souls hoping for a d ring, once the initial rush has worn off. I would much rather work on seals than camp/bot but there’s no pressure now to do this content. Its just more available. I like your idea about ENM style, I think that has more merit. I know what you’re saying, after the initial rush it will become tougher. For me though its a choice I didn’t previously have. If I want to do these fights, I can now. Yes, I agree you’re much more likely to find Kings up these days but even now they’re regularly camped and I’m just not willing to spend days trying to claim at all hours. We will all run out of seals eventually but by then I doubt very much anyone will care that much. At least I’ll get to have killed mobs which should have been accessible to me without a bot.


  3. April 20, 2011 at 20:33 #

    It’ll be nice to get the opportunity to kill all of the kings, but really sucks that they edited the drop rate on black belt items so much. Seems weird that that BB items were altered but nothing else was, hmm. Will be interesting in any case, and I for one am very glad I wont be needing a blackbelt anytime soon!


    • eldelphia
      April 20, 2011 at 22:09 #

      I don’t get how they’ve nuked it? They’ve not removed it from KSNM99 which for many people was the only way in which they could get the items anyway. Sure if you camp kings or want to spend millions buying it I can see why but honestly? Most peeps get the items from KSNM99 these days, especially with the ease you can do them now. We’ve completed 7-8 Black belts from KSNM99 alone. Kings were never realistic for us and the drops on the NQ are just too low to be worthwhile anyway in my experience.


  4. April 21, 2011 at 16:09 #

    No, I didn’t start very recently at all but, like I said, I only levelled two jobs to a point where KS even dropped, and those I mainly levelled in level sync. I basically never merited my jobs before Abyssea and I think people underestimate how many KS they would have accumulated for that alone.

    As for experiencing the game? I dunno what you mean by that. I didn’t spend interminable hours fighting Colibri but saying I missed out there is like saying, man, Bibiki Bay was where it’s at!

    I do have 600+ Beastman Seals by the way. And I spent a lot of them too 😉

    Considering the current trend in levelling jobs I expect there are some people playing FFXI that have only ever seen a KS when they need to do a limit break. In that sense I’m almost lucky!


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