From Alexander to Shiva via the version Update

OK, real blog post time.  I am likely to reference my fellow bloggers out there at times. Dibble articulated  what anyone who has ever had to live in or do the missions for, Windurst is feeling right now about where the Abyssea NPCs are.

Heaven’s Tower? Seriously?  I’m a Bastokan at heart but have rank 10 in Windy and 6 in Sandy. One day I’ll finish the Sandorian rank missions but I got so sick of losing my Ops that I stopped when a friend who was doing the missions with me, quit the game. Already the Windy mission line involves you running constantly between Port Windurst and the top of freaking Heaven’s Tower. You have no idea how irritating that is, so to put the most used NPCs in the city inside Heaven’s Tower is really SE’s piece de resistance. At least they’ve had the courtesy to acknowledge the outcry and are rethinking.

Evilpaul articulates  how my poor friend Eiden Cyden feels about what they’ve done to PUP quite well. So I’ll leave you with his words on that.

Oh yeah… Server Merge. So how is it going?

Thanks in part to a relentless campaign to shove the information down people’s throats most of our shell has noticed we’ve changed server and were even prepared for it. Quite a few of us were prepared for losing mule names but not for main characters.  We planned a few linkshell names and every single one was taken. So we went back to the suggestions list and ended up with Fortuna. Which has promptly been defaced by the Mithra in our shell to For-tuna. So apparently we’re now a fishing linkshell or something.

For Tuna

One of Bailie's pics

Fortuna seems not to upset anyone. We were hoping to go with “Adlib” but it was taken. I was amused to note that we were not the only shell who got the shaft. Claimed/iClaimed from Alexander has ended up iClaimd. Several other groups have lost their names too.

Linkshell name bothers me less than I expected. It’s weird but it doesn’t really impact enormously.  Because this is a new start, it’s not like anyone on Shiva knows who we are anyway.

I was pretty sad to see some of my friends lose their character names. Eiden is now Cyden. Rinoaheartily is now Rinheartily. Bergi decided to be awkward and change his name to Notbergi. Bailie is now Bailiegrace and Pooter is now Pootsmash or Pootersmash.  Eiden is the one who it has affected the most; he couldn’t get any reasonable variation and is pretty down about it. We still love our bland-food-eating, anally-retentive, blue-loving lil guy anyway.

Of course now we’re left with a lot of people who have changed their names intentionally to try and disguise the fact that they’ve been idiots in the past.

So far my impression of Shiva is not good but that’s because the competition for everything has now doubled and so everyone is all elbows, jostling for position.  Two JP taru botting the ??? for the rabbit NM in Vunkerl and then ‘mistakenly’ trading to our guy trying to pop so the other could pop the NM was just lovely. Still one blockaid later and we were fine. We weren’t trying to barge in… they just would appear periodically once they had a pop item but didn’t think it was fine for us to alternate or something.

We have two new members of the shell who have been waiting for us to merge in but the shell is packed right now so for the moment at least, recruitment is closed.

Doyler and Dellos on POL

Doyler and Dellos downloading the update

Was wonderful to see two friends downloading the update who I wasn’t expecting to see. Not only that but both have been in game, levelled a bit and done a level cap or two 🙂

I love the Novennial outfit for women, not so hot on the guys.  We’ve established that Mart likes the French-maid-harlot look in blue.

I don’t think the tux is as stylish as the last formalwear. I think the jacket is fine but the pants don’t work as well. And the BRD hands style gloves are a little odd. Still I’m sure Galka will rock in it, I can’t wait to get IRGalka one. Was really pleased I didn’t lose his name in the move.

My mules will probably move back to their respective home towns with the exception of Galka.  I lost two mule names but they were easily fixed. Freckles is now Lilfreckles and Seren is Serenova.

I haven’t been into the new style dynamis yet. I’m cynically waiting for others to work out how it works. I have bought my 50k key item for Eld. Voidwatch currently inspires me not AT ALL so ‘meh’ on that one. Like quite a few people I will watch and see. No doubt eventually the tricks to it will come out or we’ll find a reason to do it and then be super keen. I’ll make an effort to get things started so that my stones or w/e start stacking up.

I haven’t tried the new synergy but I want to.  So I might head up to sky and start farming pops/gods for abjurations to synth. I’d like to see if I could get something decent on my Dalmy as it was hard won and is now unused. Also I have a few pieces of sky gear which might be usable again if buffed.  My synergy skill is currently 63 which isn’t capped but isn’t bad and I’ve raised my alchemy skill some so I can now make my own fewell. I’m going to get it to 60 so I have a better change of HQ. Well ok, at least 46 and at that point I’ll want to finish it.

I’m kinda interested in Grounds of Valor so I might check that out but tonight, its our first official event since they changed who drops what… should be interesting.

Anyone out there on Shiva?


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One Comment on “From Alexander to Shiva via the version Update”

  1. May 12, 2011 at 13:00 #

    You know, you’d think they’d learn from the last round of sever merges to handle it differently with names and things — it was a riot when Remora merged with Levi last year. People threatening to quit because their name got taken (and I was in a similar boat, it sucked to change names! :<), people stealing names of others they didn't like, I know one person changed his name to vtwo at the end and another became RemoraForever. Hopefully things settle down for you guys soon and you can get onto life as normal on a new server!

    For-tuna…cleaver! Sounds like us and ducks!


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