Grounds of Valor – a quick attempt in Zeruhn Mines

After out event last night, (Not)bergi and I went out to Zeruhn mines to try out the new Grounds of Valor. I’d read on Blue Gartr that the Prouesse ring (skill up ring) came out of the gold treasure caskets from here. I was kinda interested in what Grounds of Valor is all about so we went to see. You can do Grounds of Valor in the following zones:

  • Ranguemont Pass
  • Bostaunieux Oubliette
  • Toraimarai Canal
  • Zeruhn Mines
  • King Ranperre’s Tomb
  • Dangruf Wadi
  • Inner Horutoto Ruins
  • Ordelle’s Caves
  • Outer Horutoto Ruins
  • The Eldieme Necropolis
  • Gusgen Mines
  • Crawlers’ Nest
  • Maze of Shakhrami
  • Garlaige Citadel
  • Fei’Yin

First off, the book is just inside the dungeon and its just like Fields of Valor insofar as you choose a page etc. There are both low level pages for new characters (typical level range 1-4 in Zeruhn) and high level pages for those of us at endgame. So you can do Grounds of Valor as a newb too.

There is at least one new field support service, for 50 tabs you can now get Warped to your home point, not just repatriated to your home town. That’s kinda nice for people out and about. Costs 50 tabs.

Anyway, you pick up a page, in Zeruhn it was pages 3,4 & 5 and the mobs were high level bats, worms, leeches and crabs. I have to say, you run into these mobs pretty fast. We went past one set of Dingbats, took a left turn and the high level bats were around the corner.

They don’t aggro as far as I can tell. I even rested in front of some mobs. The leeches however do link. There’s nothing like the comedy moment of targetting a leech, seeing your reraise wear and 3-4 of them beating you to the ground… in Zeruhn Mines at level 90.

The mobs were at least EP to me at 90 and I was getting club skillups (albeit slowly) at 300 skill. I hit 301 or 302 in there.

As with other pages you have to kill a combination of mobs and then you receive xp (up to about 1800), gil and tabs. You also receive a random “Prowess” buff. The details of which appear in your log as you kill the final mob and finish your page.

I did 4-5 pages and got a series of buffs, including a second level of Magical Attack and Accuracy.  These prowess buffs stack and seem to go up to at least level 5 and possibly higher.  (Not)Bergi managed to get the Treasure caskets/coffer buff. I.e. the one that improves your chances of getting brown/gold chests. Its in these chests that you find the rare items.

Zeruhn mobs were on the whole fine. I could solo them quite easily as a WHM and the only ones which seemed to link were the leeches.  If you’re after skillups I’d try some of the other dungeons as apparently the mobs in some of those con much higher.

It looks like you stay in zone, repeat pages and level up your Prowess buffs which makes things easier to kill and improves your chance of getting chests etc. The following have been dat mined:

Active prowess list.
≺Selection Dialog≻Go back.
Increased treasure casket discovery.
Increased combat and magic skill gain.
Increased crystal yield.
Treasure Hunter bonus.
Increased attack speed.
Increased HP and MP.
Enhanced accuracy and ranged accuracy.
Enhanced attack and ranged attack.
Enhanced magic acc. and magic atk.
Enhanced “Cure” potency.
Increased weapon skill damage.
“Killer” effects bonus.
Ability X.
Ability X.
Ability X.
Ability X.≺Prompt≻

I have to say its pretty simple and would be a godsend for people who don’t have much time to xp or who want to skill up outside of abyssea.  Its also a fantastic way to get tabs for more transportation options. With both Warp and Repatriation available if you’re near a dungeon its another way to get home.  I had to go to bed before I made serious progress but I’m sure if you wanted the ring or rare item you could just spend an afternoon/day/weekend in the dungeon of your choice getting xp, tabs and eventually your gear.

The PLD/DRK Cure potency shield is rumoured to come from the Fei Yin boxes and other gear has been found in Dangruf Wadi etc. Keep an eye out on the thread on Blue Gartr for more info 🙂


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