Obtaining a Black Belt

Assuming that pre-update you didn’t have an HNM shell which camped Kings. How do you get a Black Belt? You set up KSNM99 runs, camp other people’s KSNM99 runs or camp the HNM shells and buy the drops from them.

So why the fuck are people moaning about the changes to Kings? OK, if you were part of an HNM shell which regularly claimed Kings (and yes I know interest died down but it didn’t stop completely) then good for you, you probably had access to the BB items with little stress. I kinda get where people in these shells are coming from but at least they now have people to do the fights with…

I can’t believe that covers that many people. Effectively a handful of shells max on each server. So your options were to raise a decent amount of gil and go beg for the drops or do the KSNM99s.

As a decent endgame shell we did the KSNM99s. No one was really into camping, especially as a group we weren’t prepared to claim bot. No, you didn’t always need to bot the claim but our biggest stumbling block was the total lack of interest in camping.

So we put together KSNM99 runs for our MNKs. Sure we started at 75 and we had to learn from scratch but we didn’t lose our runs. Now they’re over in minutes. All it takes is strategy… and a bit of commonsense. I think I see where the problem is.

Sure, it is easier to buy items than set up runs and I totally get that not everyone is overburdened with Kindred Seals but honestly? Isn’t it easier to find a friend or farm seals than worry about raising gil? I know some people will RMT the items needed but not everyone…

We completed all of our Black Belts via KSNM99. Some days we’d get BB items dropping every run, others we’d see 1.

The fights are not hard. Why are people even bitching about the fights. We’re all freaking level 90 now anyway. Read the strats which are out there, pick up the key info and then just go do the freaking fights. If you don’t get your BB items you’ll get some king pops which in turn is a small chance at HQ king pops for yet more BB items…

Sure, leet groups at 75 were already low manning them and are probably laughing their arses off right now but anyone at level 90 with even half a clue should be able to get a party together to do these fights. And if not? Well then camp the freaking ??? for the HQ fights or the BCs for the 99s and ask… how is this any different? At least, if you really don’t have the time to do this, you have access to an 8% haste belt already in the form of your brown belt…

I’m sick of the whining about this from lazy, clueless people who decided to level MNK cos its fashionable.

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One Comment on “Obtaining a Black Belt”

  1. takito
    May 20, 2011 at 18:42 #

    Seriously .. it was easier to get the items before…

    What most ppl did was…. Go when the hnm shells were camping .. offer some gil for the bb items and you are set… they rarely need it .. My friend got each of them for 500k… so bb for 1.5m is better than be doing ksnm etc etc etc.. Too bad it cant be done anymore.


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