A short trip to Dynamis Xarcabard: xp version

Last night a small group of us went into Dynamis. For me it was the first time since the changes. Others in my shell have dabbled but I don’t think my head is round the idea I can go every day and I keep ‘saving’ it up.

We started with 6 and Hasi joined us shortly after. We had a RDM/WHM, WAR/SAM, DRK/SAM, BLU/NIN, BLM/SCH, THF/NIN and SMN/WHM. I should have subbed WHM really in that situ but it wasn’t dire. I was on BLM.

I’ve been following the BG threads about Dynamis and knew that you need to work on getting your time extensions first, before worrying about farming.  The first weirdness was being able to sneak and invisible past mobs. Oh and that there are a lot more mobs up in zone in general. For example all of the animated weapon adds are up all the time.  All mobs are pre-popped with the exception of the lotto pop NMs and the NMs you pop from ???

We went to Xarc.

The first time extension is in the south, in the dark elemental cave. Can be oneshot by a BLM. I would highly recommend sending 1-2 people to each time extension and then regroup. We ran the group as we weren’t sure what to expect. But even 2 people could manage just fine.

There’s a second time extension where Animated Shield used to hang out. Right at the back in the little cave there.

There’s one along the spine in the area of 055 in old statue talk. Basically at the top of the spine somewhere on the way to the NMs including Berith.  We were briefly confused cos there’s one back I think near where Animated GA popped but instead of being a statue its a Prototype Eye.  It’s alone though and pretty easy to take out.

The last one is pretty much tucked right around the corner at the top of the ramp down towards the castle.

We picked up the times and then worked on killing and proc’ing mobs.  Without procing, currency doesn’t drop. If you proc a mob, it does.  We went with this as a guide and it seemed to work.

  • If the mob is: RNG THF MNK BST NIN — Weakness is a JA
  • If the mob is: PLD WAR SAM DRG DRK — Weakness is a WS
  • If the mob is: WHM BLM SMN BRD RDM — Weakness is Magic

Relic seems to drop whether you proc or not. Not sure if TH is helping but I assume it does.

7 of us stayed for 1hr 45mins and it was fine. We got 13 drops and a friend’s alliance offered us a free RDM hat for Nia as they didn’t need it…  So we walked out with 13 pieces of relic, a handful of currency each and some xp. Doyler even dinged 83 BLU inside.

Levelling instead of delevelling in Dynamis. Weird.

Next time we go, I’d like to work on killing NMs for drops for the new NMs. The two NMs we killed (RDM and NIN) didn’t drop hundreds but one dropped a Shadow Bijou which I think is the pop item you need for the Shadowlord. The NIN dropped his hands but Berith didn’t drop a hat. It’s really fun to do and I think you could seriously farm in there if you wanted or needed to.


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