Unconditional 12% Movement Speed

Unconditional 12% Movement Speed.

Read my post and add to it if you have comments >.> Came about after we realised how many times we came back to the cockblock which is Wyrmal Abjuration: legs.

Give me a quested EAF piece, a 100% drop from an easy NM (Iron Giant) or even a regularly dropping NM… (Eve) over Tiamat and Kirin, any day.




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11 Comments on “Unconditional 12% Movement Speed”

  1. Huy Dinh
    May 20, 2011 at 12:38 #

    Have you ever thought of the implications movement speed +12% has on each of the jobs that have options other than W:legs or Herald’s Gaiters? As far as I can see, only COR (BRD and maybe BST – I don’t know much about BST -, if you will) have crucial benefits from movement speed +12% in combat situations. For any other of those jobs, it is a nice bonus for travelling faster, no more. Not talking about running away, that is.

    Now think about W:legs and Herald’s Gaiters and the jobs they make moving faster. BLM, BLU, PLD, RDM, SCH among them. To each of those jobs, moving 12% faster enables “game-changing” things during combat. There’s no need to elaborate, I suppose. And that’s why I think it’s fine for Kirin and Tiamat to be stingy, in addition to Tiamat’s pop window: The “real” benefits justify the efforts you have to put in to gain said benefits. And “putting in effort” does not necessarily mean “putting in enough effort”.

    As such, things might be unbalanced; but not the way you put it. For this purpose, I’d think “Give something easily achievable to jobs restricted by Kirin or Tiamat which says ‘Movement speed +12% when not in combat’.” is something more of balancing than what you have asked for.


    • eldelphia
      May 20, 2011 at 12:48 #

      COR can solo mobs because of movement speed which it couldn’t do otherwise and it has 3 routes to unconditional movement speed. I do understand what you’re saying but I think if they can introduce quick and easy movement speed to DNC, COR, MNK (which is a demon right now) and NIN then the time has come to stop protecting it from BLMs, WHMs and SCHs. The game has shifted away from kite fights. And the way in which DRG soloes doesn’t rely on running away, what on earth did they, DRK and BLU do wrong to deserve such a shitty deal? What could a WHM do with gaiters that is so gamebreaking? A DRK could potentially nuke/dot kill I guess but that’s highly unlikely.

      I think the only grey area is potentially BLM and SCH but I don’t see any reason why SE couldn’t up the drop rate on W Abjuration legs in the way that they improved SSR drops from Salvage. I’m not talking about 50% here but even 10% would be nice compared with what we see.

      Gaiters are amazing for BLM but I still think there needs to be another route to unconditional movement speed for mages. Tiamat is stingy and in the economy right now, even if you have the gil getting hold of a pair is tough.


      • Huy Dinh
        May 20, 2011 at 13:38 #

        I did not mention COR, because they have non-W:legs options. Even though you said Hermes’ Sandals (there should be one new pair of them every day on each server) were not really flooding the market and Skadi’s does take some time, indeed. But once Dark Ixion is a force pop, as well, chances are you’ll see more Hermes’ Sandals! ;-P

        I’d be fine with some “more easily” attainable movement speed +12% for WHM – which should please you well enough -, DRK, DRG, SMN (no real clue how much they depend on getting away fast enough for resummons and if it’d be broken if they were able to do that) and maybe BLU.

        In fact (this is going to be blasphemous), SE probably would make many people happy by giving everyone movement speed +12% when not interacting with mobs. By doing so (and no more), people still have to put in considerable “work” to open up another level of PLD/RDM/BLM/SCH-ness, whereas people who don’t care about that part still can run around fast. That’s more reasonable than asking for better W:legs or Herald’s Gaiters dorp rates, I think.

        By the way, W:legs seem to dorp on every 4th Kirin on average (far from 10% and even farther from what you apparently have experienced). Says the wiki. Unless SE have ninja-lowered the dorp rates recently.


        • eldelphia
          May 20, 2011 at 14:15 #

          Unfortunately our experience of Kirin does not match the wiki’s. We all know there must be winners and losers in the W legs average drop rate. I joined a sky shell initially and we only over saw one pair drop. Then my own shell 4+ years ago started doing Sky. I must have killed at least 50+ Kirins and only ever seen 2 pairs drop ever. I admit in the last 18 months, we have not done much sky but we’ve had little reason to. I’ve been involved in about 6-7 Kirin kills since last September.


          • eldelphia
            May 20, 2011 at 14:16 #

            Funnily enough, we killed Dark Ixion this week XD


  2. May 20, 2011 at 15:16 #

    A better question might be: why can’t we have an across the board movement speed increase of 12% when we’re unengaged/don’t have any hate?

    is taking an hour to run from Windy to Mhuara a critical game mechanic?


  3. takito
    May 20, 2011 at 18:34 #

    W.legs are easy to get <_< In my sky shell we got 8.w legs out of 15 kirins

    And Hi eLDeLPHiA!


    • eldelphia
      May 21, 2011 at 21:23 #

      Now go back and read my post again… and see where we got 1 pair in 3 years.


      • Huy Dinh
        May 21, 2011 at 23:17 #

        Welcome to variance, both takito and you, Eld. As long as something doesn’t dorp each and every time, someone _will_ be the downswing boy getting nothing all the time…

        (Getting one pair of W:legs in 3 years of course sucks, and I’m so certain that once SE did lower dorp rates to 10% from what seems to be 25% now, it’d be raining W:legs for you.)


  4. May 21, 2011 at 21:31 #

    I’ve been contemplating buying Gaiters for a while now, but am holding off because I feel pretty certain that SE is going to go all Thief’s Knife on them.

    I don’t see why SE couldn’t at least make Abjurations 100% drops now that they have the additional use in Synergy.


  5. c.
    June 4, 2011 at 19:57 #

    Spreadsheet is missing Aoidos’ Cothurnes +1/2 for BRD.

    I bought my Gaiters about 2 years ago and I still think it was the best purchase I ever made. I’m a career WHM and SCH, and the only “Gaiters” job I don’t have leveled is MNK, so I get a lot of use out of them.


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