Ouch. Neo Dynamis Windurst


I’ve always enjoyed Dynamis. The results of which have led to a ton of relic gear. I really genuinely enjoyed the event and have beaten all zones. So when they changed the event, I was curious to see what was possible. I first ventured into Dynamis Xarcabard. For people who haven’t done much of this since the update essentially I went in furnished with the following information.

  • It is now possible to proc !! on mobs in dynamis
  • !! procs are possible only after getting 3 time extensions
  • !! procs are improved by getting all 5 time extensions
  • !! procs are either magic, job abilities or weaponskills
  • WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN – magic

Or something.

So we did pretty well in Xarcabard and walked out with quite a bit of gear and currency. We even managed to pull Duke Berith and the NIN NM and kill them. NIN dropped but Berith didn’t put out RDM. 3 of us went to Sandy and that was ok too.

So a few days ago I decided to go and poke Dynamis Windurst because I need a few shells to upgrade some of my -1s from CoP dynamis. I’ve only actually upgraded my Cleric’s Pantaloons +1 and I have the hands and feet to do as well as the newly acquired Sorcerors Tonban -1.

Dynamis Windurst run #1 and #2

I went in solo, but had to bring in my alt. I went in as SCH/RDM as I thought that gave me the most MP efficiency and flexibility.

All mobs are up and prepopped which makes Windy an utter nightmare. Whilst you can invisible yourself there are very few camps which are in anyway safe. The zone is so narrow and so crowded it’s horrible. I came out onto the first wooden walkway having followed another group. Whilst they killed adds, I managed to snipe the repopped time stat. However I got aggro and started running. It was then that I discovered there is nowhere safe to die. Nowhere. All along the walkway towards the AH is full of mobs. The entire open area at the end of the walkway and in front of the AH is packed. The gentle slope up to the circle is packed and the walkways are all packed. I died in a corner on the west side just above the AH, where the land joins a wooden walkway. In a position which it was impossible to get up from. Enter the sacrificial alt, Mitch.

I ran Mitch’s RDM up, equipped powder boots and sac’d everything away so that I could get Eld up and cast invisible. I did this. Mitch died mid walkway (West). I did eventually manage to get him back up too. Which was great as he was needed for a further sac.

I made a mistake at this point and continued West around the circle. The second time I went in, I learnt from my initial run and went East first. If you’re going in there for the first time, head East for two easier times.

At this point I had one time stat done and I wanted more so I could proc. The one by Waters zone isn’t the worse but you really can’t afford to die there. So I skipped it as I was solo. The ‘safe’ camp is the ramp up to the BLM NM house, but that’s about the only safe place I could see on the West side. There’s no safe camping spot on the tree island either.

I moved to the SMN house and to the Toramerai entrance time. If you have nerves of steel you can actually stand behind the stat and nuke it. There are 2 SMN mobs and pets there as well as the stat and others popped all along the route under the bridge. I tried sacing stuff away but the time stat depopped before Eld’s nuke went off. Going BLM is better. On my second attempt I managed to nuke it down by standing behind it. I took a friend with me but I got the stat and aggro. With care/power you might be able to one shot and get invis up. I’m pretty pimped on BLM and I had it super close but I didn’t manage to one shot. I have 4/5 +2 EAF, moldy/hecates and TotM staves for Ice/thunder and Bliz V didn’t oneshot. I have 8/8 INT merits, 8/8 Ele etc too.

If you die behind where the time stat pops it is possible to get up and invis yourself with care but you need to be careful and time it with the yags looking away.

The next safe camp from the SMN house is in the NE sector on the bridge. It’s a very small area but you’re able to get reraise back up and recover if needed.

The two ‘easy’ times are down the sides of the two NM houses on the east side. There is one stat and one mob in a corner and out of sight/aggro range of everything else. With care you can nuke down the time stat without aggroing the other mob. However if you aggro it, sleep+nuke it fast because the time stat will repop and you get into a cycle of dealing with repops. These 2 times are down by the ‘Eyepiercer’ and ‘Solemn’ NM houses. The one further south has a rock which you can cower behind near the side of the house if you need a recovery spot.

Between the two runs I discovered that going solo/duo you are better off getting 3-4 times and heading back to the start and camping at the mog house. Mages can then pick off the BLM/RDM/BRD/WHM mobs there and have a chance of procing the !!

A party would probably fare much better. You need to kill very fast to avoid repops and be prepared to brazen it out. A large alliance will find it messy to keep everyone moving and not aggroing repop. There isn’t anywhere safe to rest/stop.

Windy is probably the tightest zone to deal with now that all mobs are pre-popped. I can’t imagine Jeuno being much fun or some of the NM spots in Bastok. I’ll try some of those next. Xarc is in comparison simple.

Sandy has better placed time stats. They’re inside houses and passageways and its much easier to find camps. I predict Windy/Bastok currency going up in price and Sandy coming down a bit. We’ll see.

Whilst solo inside Windy I went all the way to the Woods zone and found an entire party except the thf, wiped with no reraise. Never were they happier to see a random SCH come and raise their WHM. I think they’d killed or try to kill the Boss.

BST do very well inside Dynamis right now. Pet pulls seem to work and I saw a couple of BSTs do very well against mobs. SMN pulls are possible also. The only issue is procing. When I/we proc’d , currency and relic dropped well. When you don’t, barely anything drops at all.


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