The Basics of the new-style Dynamis (a guide)

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to write much. I have a backlog of blog post topics to tackle, not least of which is my suddenly evolution into a 70 THF >.>  I’ve also made a lot of changes to my WHM gear.  In my last gear post I kinda got into a muddle trying to merge my two approaches for inside and outside Abyssea but I’ve cleaned up my act now so I’ll bring that up to date soon.


Getting access to Dynamis since the update:

Trade 50k to one of the goblin NPCs inside Castle Oz, Beadeaux or Davoi to buy a one-off permanent key item. This gives you access to all non-Cop dynamis zones (depending on you having access/wins) and you only need to buy it once.

You can still only enter the zones you could enter before the change. So, everyone has access to Jeuno, Bastok, Windy and Sandy from Rank6 but you still need to beat all those zones to gain access to Glacier and Glacier to gain access to Xarcabard.

You can enter daily, resets JP midnight so it is possible to go twice in one day. If you leave (warp/homepoint) you cannot re-enter until after JP midnight. I repeat, there is no re-entry possible to the same run.

Other people can join your group later in the run but they will need to get their own time extensions to be effective (see later).


  • You now gain xp inside Dynamis
  • All drops are now restricted to your party/alliance
  • You enter with one hour on the clock and this can be extended by getting time extensions, to a maximum of two hours. There is no restriction on entering if other people in there. There may be a zone limit but it hasn’t been discovered yet.
  • All mobs except NMs are prepopped. When killed the repop very quickly (within 1-3 mins?)
  • Mobs inside dynamis are no longer true sight/sound. You can use sneak and invisible to avoid them.


  • There are new notorious monsters including Arch bosses inside each zone. These drop Oneiros and Mujin gear.
  • Some older NMs are now lotto or timed pops and the newer NMs are all popped from ??? using items you get inside Dynamis itself. Zone Bosses are all popped.
  • Bijou items drop from old NMs and are used to pop zone bosses by trading to a ???
  • Arch Bosses are popped with items (Tomes) dropped from the new NMs. Several are needed to form a pop
  • Items to pop animated weapons are dropped from the satellite weapon mobs and traded to a ??? to pop
  • Items to pop attestation mobs are dropped from Hydra mobs and traded to a ??? to pop

Time extensions & Proccing

There are five time extensions per zone and they repop very fast so competition for them is a non-issue. You can team up for kills and disband at the end. You can only get one time extension from each stone, so you must kill all 5 to get the maximum time inside.

There is a !! procing system inside Dynamis now. Proccing hugely increases the chance of currency dropping. Unsure whether it has any impact on relic armour dropping but current thinking is it doesn’t seem to be the case. If you want currency, you need to learn how to proc the !! on mobs. Treasure Hunter seems to have an impact on non-currency drops only.

You need to gain three time extensions to be able to proc. Subsequent time extensions improve the quality of your proc and of course extend your time inside the zone.

To proc !! on mobs you need to know the following:

  • MNK/NIN/THF/RNG/BST – use job abilities on these mobs to proc
  • PLD/SAM/DRK/DRG/WAR – use weapon skills on these mobs to proc
  • BLM/WHM/RDM/SMN/BRD – use magic on these mobs to proc

Procs are much wider than those used in Abyssea so try everything you have and more than once. It is possible for example to spam Dia2 and proc magic mobs this way eventually.


100 pieces seem to only come from NMs now.

To farm currency either target NMs for 100s or make sure you proc every mob you’re hitting. Currency rarely drops without procs.

Relic armour drops are greatly improved by Treasure Hunter. If you’re farming for armour, take a THF.


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