Well, there it is. Wishlist system changed!

I guess it was inevitable. We’ve just had to revamp how people notify us of their wish-lists. Every month someone has mentioned something. Initially it wasn’t too bad because people were just pleased to have the new system. Now it causes tension and stupid games. So, we’ve changed it.

We all understand what’s going on and we’ve had enough.

Eld's 78 THF

Eld's 78 THF

I get frustrated with people in the shell sometimes. Certain individuals seem to go through incredibly greedy phases and think that it’s fine.  I appreciate that everyone’s time is limited and sometimes you do have to say ‘No’ when being asked for help, in favour of doing your own thing but don’t take the piss.

There are complex social relationships in any shell.  We have people who show up to ls events every time and yet, barely do anything outside of that for anyone else.  It’s great that they show up obviously but you can almost see the mental calculations going on.  A lot more goodwill is generated from the stuff you don’t have to do but people never get this.

We have a couple of people at the moment who are very obviously only showing up to anything they can directly benefit from and the minute it looks like it might not, are disappearing.  Instead of saying ‘Sure I’ll help’, you get the full 20 questions and once they’ve worked out whether they can benefit directly they show up. It’s a bit tiresome.  Then bailing on something because it no longer benefits them directly (even though they’ve done well out of it) is really a dick move. We may have to have to talk to one person directly about this, this month.

There are lots of awesome people in the shell and it’s not generally a problem. Abyssea really has not helped. More jobs, more loot it’s all really easy to get caught up in.  I do it too. But I’ll still pass things to others. I’ll still let others lot pieces of gear I came out to specifically farm and say nothing because it was for a job I’m just getting into, don’t use much or my alt.

We’re quite a big shell so there are lots of people to help. No one expects you to at all and lots of people step up to the plate but honestly when you’re doing a mental calculation at every request, you need to re-evaluate your position in that group of people. If you can’t ever just show up and help people (almost all of which have helped you considerably) you need to take a good long look at yourself and get over it.  Before you get kicked for being a dickhead.

On the whole, the shell is an awesome place to be and I think everyone at one point or other gets overwhelmed with the loot whore bug but if you see the shell as nothing more than a vehicle to your gear (part but not ALL of its function) then you’re going to find yourself looking for a new one.


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