Official Forum baiting

Oh dear, I’ve upset someone on the official FFXI forum. I am of course devastated.  There is a balance between being a grammar nazi and being someone who does not care about how they type.  My posts are not error-free. Usually though you can understand what I’m saying and most of it is relatively coherent.

FFXI is a text-based environment. Whether you like it or not,  the only way in which you can effectively communicate is using the written word.  I have dyslexic friends, I have friends who type as if the whole world uses only txt speak. I don’t really care except when you want something from me.

If I see a shout for Nyzle not Nyzul Isle, it will bug me.  Sorry, that’s the way it is. Whether it puts me off joining your group will depend on what else you’re saying and which jobs you’re shouting for. Nyzul Isle is a 3-man event now… it’s not hard and you don’t need a perfect setup. Chances are though, if you’re not taking too much care in your shouts, the impression you are going to give is you’re not likely to take too much care about your runs.  Game terms and zone names are not easy to pronounce but that’s one of the reasons why we have (for the most part) autotranslate…

LMAO I really dont care that I spell the odd word incorrectly so why F@#k should you!, words per minuite typing skill’s or lack there of, is not the point im trying to make, and “typo’s” are not hindering me in my search for people in game I can asure you of that!

My point isn’t that it’s something you should be arrested for but if you type like a moron, you sound like a moron. If I only have three hours to play this week and I don’t know you, then I’ll choose to spend those three hours with people who don’t sound like idiots.

The title of the thread is “Nyzle Isle is now impossible to compete!!” which translates to “Nyzul is now impossible to complete”.  I was not the first person to point out that the Op had littered his posts with typos and spelling mistakes and that his communication wasn’t very clear.

I suggested practical things which he could do to improve his chances in game. I also pointed out that I agreed with a previous poster that his posts were a bit offputting because they were so badly written. It was then I made my fatal mistake and pointed out the typo in his signature.

Seriously… I have plenty of friends in my own shell whose typing skills aren’t perfect but most of them do a better job than Geebee.  You may have a legitimate point in there somewhere Geebee but I’m really not convinced that many of us can find it.



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2 Comments on “Official Forum baiting”

  1. Shao
    July 5, 2011 at 18:40 #

    And you had a french speaking friend who could write in english better than some 😉


  2. Bob
    July 6, 2011 at 01:11 #

    Know who I can’t stand on the official forums? Friggin Raxiaz. Half of his posts are fuckin’ retarded and it’s annoying to know the community team has to read them and forward his ideas.


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