Secret Job

 OK, it’s not VERY secret but I have recently discovered a new job and I am loving it! It really is the most fun I’ve had in ages. WHM is and always will be my favourite but this is currently the best thing in the world EVAAAAA… Or something.

I levelled THF. I only levelled THF because I was doing keys in a KI party to get my THF sub to 45 for TH2 and I didn’t get back to town until it was 53.  So I thought about it and decided to do my af and see what happened. So, I did all my AF and got a Raparree harness. I had played on a friend’s THF character but his THF is so pimped, it would be hard to see myself ever getting to that point. It had been fun though and I thought I needed a job I could tank Fistule on. Which of course, now I’ve finished that stage, I don’t.

So here I am with a level 53 THF. I took it out a bit more and then stalled a bit. My dagger and evasion skills were capped from various jobs but getting xp was problematic. So I took Mitch out on NIN and had Eld standing there leeching doing Grauberg pages. Some other peeps came out occasionally but using this method I got Eld’s THF to 78.  Eventually. At some point I stopped and with help, got myself a THF knife and some Assassin’s Armlets.

From 78, when you suddenly break out in pink, things get easier.  I joined a great party in LaTheine of all places, on worms.  I was a little sceptical but someone I knew from Alex invited me and let’s face it, THF usually isn’t the most invitable of xp jobs. Turned out to be the best move I could have made. Got my THF to 90 with a capped buffer and 20/20 merits before I went to bed.

At 89 I dinged into an Atheling mantle. At 90 I dinged into a Twilight Belt, a Twilight Knife and my Zelus Tiara. I had completed my EAF+1 feet but nothing else.  I’ve now completed my EAF legs and need to put some time into the hands/body/head. I brewed Indrik solo one day because I wanted the light belt. I want it for Hexastrike and Evisceration but it can be used with Atonement and a ton of COR WS. Indrik doesn’t need a brew, we’ve killed him before but he doesn’t exactly offer much to other people so I used some spare cruor.

Nia and I have started on Kila +2 daggers. Two each of the evasion daggers. Pretty high damage and ridiculous amounts of AGI and Eva. I picked up an Ungur Boomerang at some point.

I’ve capped group 1 merits with Triple Attack and Sneak Attack. I’ve opened Aura Steal and Feint in group 2. I have 4/4 Eva meritss, 4/8 Dagger (all I can spare) and max crit hits. Last night Mart, Ure, Nia and Brach helped me get a Loki’s Kaftan. Mart and I tried previously with various people (Nia, Bergi) but even with procing Blue he wouldn’t put out. So I got to go THF last night and even tanked for a while.

THF is so MUCH fun!

In other news, our Salvage group is simply amazing.  We’re completing pieces all over the place. We finally worked out that Skirmish Pephredo gets very pissy if you call him a BEE when he’s a wasp.  We amended our ways and BAM lots of Pephredos!  We got 3 Usu feet and 2 Skadi head drops. Making Eidan, Ere, Nia and I happy people.   We took out the Boss and got the 25 for my Ares’s body. Not that I enormously need it but Nia and Ere have completed theirs and I am the only other person who has a job which can use (PLD).

I really hope they do something fun with Salvage gear to keep the group together having fun. Oh and that Hammerblow would freaking put out for Ure.

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3 Comments on “Secret Job”

  1. July 8, 2011 at 04:03 #

    Skirmish Pephredo really DOESN’T like to be called a bee!:


    • eldelphia
      July 8, 2011 at 09:23 #

      LOL Awesome 🙂


  2. July 9, 2011 at 06:30 #

    Before going all the way with the Magians Daggers make sure that you’ll use them once you’ve got the best of the best for THF. I had started on my Katanas and H2H back before people knew how to proc stuff in Abby or had Atma and the level cap was only 80, so my experience probably isn’t typical, but you could end up doing lots of grinding for nothing. You really don’t want to end up with a THF equivilent of an Acc/DEX Katana that’s not bad, but there’s better both in and out of Abby.


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