FINAL FANTASY XI Job Adjustments Manifesto

FINAL FANTASY XI Job Adjustments Manifesto.

Interesting discussion of where SE is heading with jobs.

Future job adjustments, however, along with forthcoming battle systems and their accompanying high-level notorious monsters, will be predicated on a level cap at 99.

We are working hard to ensure that each job plays an equally important role in the new systems and NM battles, and we welcome any comments you may have that will help us accomplish this objective.

I hope this translates as anything but ‘more jobs will be needed to proc !!’ But looking through the notes I’m going to pull out a few and chat about them. Some good stuff. First off (of course…)


  • Vision
    Veritable all-purpose physicians that are always on call and ready to provide medical assistance even in the most harrowing situations, they remove status ailments with scalpel-like precision, nurse the dying back to life, and prescribe preventative measures to their party member patients to keep them healthy.We aim to maintain their status as healing specialists while guiding them to new discoveries in the fields of magic defense and resistance. After mastering these new techniques, they should be able to protect their party members against any subsequent outbreaks of status ailments.
  • Example Adjustments
    • Adding a new ability that reduces magic damage taken by party members.
    • Adding a new spell that removes Charm from a party member.

How about the part where you add a new spell that removes Amnesia from a party member? A girl can dream… I don’t like the sound of the ‘protecting against any subsequent outbreaks’ comment. That’ more Divine Caress that is.  So far I’m not impressed so they’ll need to improve it somewhat. I do like the the reduction in magic damage and making us more defensive.

BLM examples…

Example Adjustments

  • Adding new abilities that increase the likelihood of dealing more elemental magic damage at the cost of greater risk.
  • Adding a new ability that makes the next spell cast cost 0 MP.

RDM is a job they really need to help right now….

  • Vision
    Support specialists who excel at transforming their allies from mere mortals into demigods with their enhancements, while rendering once-formidable enemies impotent with enfeebling magic.We want to see red mages play a more vital role in HNM battles by making enfeebling magic more effective against high-level notorious monsters and their legendary levels of resistance as well as allowing them to better contribute to party member enhancement.
  • Example Adjustments
    • Adding abilities that reduce to zero the casting time or recast time for the next spell/ninjutsu/song.
    • New enfeebling magic spells.

Sounds like the Quick Magic people were hoping for is on the way. Interesting that they add song into it, means they may be able to do it for others.


Example Adjustments

  • Adding a new ability that complements Sneak Attack and Trick Attack.
  • Raising the chances of successfully executing Steal and Despoil commensurate with Treasure Hunter.
  • Adding a new ability that intimidates an enemy in proportion to the number of members in the party.

Odd, but a new JA is always nice.


  • Vision
    Paragons of virtue who never hesitate to step in and defend their friends in a fight, nor to take the brunt of enemy attacks while wearing the heaviest armor imaginable.We respect the unselfish and bold nature of the paladin, so we plan on further developing their ability to maintain control of battles and keeping others out of harm’s way, if only temporarily.
  • Example Adjustments
    • Adding a new ability that reduces the amount of damage taken by a party member for one hit.
    • Adding a new ability that slows enmity reduction.

Slowing ENM reduction is good but the problem is everyone else’s ability to sit up there with a PLD and capping out their enmity alongside em.


Example Adjustments

  • Adding a new song that reduces enemy magic defense.
  • Revising enemy resistance to Foe Requiem.
  • Adding a new ability that increases the effectiveness of the next song sung.


Example Adjustments

  • A new ability that expends an additional amount of MP to shorten the recast time for blood pacts.
  • Introducing the avatars Cait Sith and Atomos.

Yay! New shinies 🙂 Hope they make Cait Sith and Atomos avatars we can keep out rather than just spam for 2hrs.


Example Adjustments

  • Allowing three phantom rolls to be in effect at the same time.
  • Adding an ability that increases the effectiveness of phantom rolls.
  • Revising the potency of certain rolls.

Nice to get another roll… seems over generous honestly as it takes a series of hellish trials to get 3 songs for a BRD.


  • Vision
    Students in the art of war who employ stratagems to alter the tide of battle along with elemental magic to support their allies and annihilate their foes.We wish for scholars to further their education in order to become absolute masters of their art, and the latter stages of their research will produce skills comparable to those of a white or black mage whose spells may take time to cast, but compensate with both the bliss and destruction they beget.
  • Example Adjustments
    • Adding spells which gradually reduce an enemy’s TP or status enhancements.
    • Adding a spell that can be cast while under the effect of Tabula Rasa.

Why do I think BLMs and RDMs are going to hate SCH all over again? Once SCH get access to Haste via /RDM and they pimp them further, I suspect its going to be a killer job again. And it gets the best outfits. I look forward to dusting mine off, I love it.

Additional Planned Adjustments

  • Weapon skill refinements
  • Adjustments to enfeebling magic
  • Revisions to job-specific merit point enhancement attributes.

Interesting… hopefully they’ll fix it so that people will like RDM again. More merits? Not surprised…


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One Comment on “FINAL FANTASY XI Job Adjustments Manifesto”

  1. July 16, 2011 at 19:46 #

    For merits…San for NIN is just poop. Since you can’t get a decent dINT against anything but an EP… what’s the point?


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