Relic +2

Eld 6/6 WHM

Eld 6/6 WHM

Artifact Armor 4 idea – Page 6.

Square Enix is looking for your opinions on  Relic +2 and more to the point how we upgrade it if they went down this route. Please for the love of Altana, login and post your opinions.  This is their post…

The development team is currently looking into introducing relic equipment +2 in the form of synergy augments and would love to hear any feedback you have in relation to this system based on the below information.

Random Stats vs. Static Stats
Please let us know if you prefer static stats or random stats when adding your stats via synergy.

I will go into the specifics of the plusses and minuses later, but I’m pretty sure it’s along the same lines that you already have in mind.

Strength of the stats: Random > Static
Can obtain item with high stats, but spend time: Static > Random

Regardless of whether the stats attached are random, the whole idea is that it will give job-related enhancements. For example, there won’t be any “Enhances Berserk effect” on white mage relic equipment.

1. Random Stats Approach

・In order to get the best stats, you will have to repeat the process many times
・The amount of time spent and the stats received aren’t necessarily equal
・Have a possibility of getting the item in a shorter amount of time than static stat items
・There will be room to get higher stats than static stat items2. Static Stats Approach

・In order to get good stats, time must be spent working towards completion
・Depending on the stats, the time needed will be adjusted
・Can predict the time needed to obtain the item
・Won’t be able to add the stats of your dreams since it is static
・Will be able to store your equipmentWith all the above in mind, please let us know which system you prefer!

In regards to items not being able to be stored once augmented
We’re currently weighing the following two possibilities:

1. Make it possible to send relic equipment and enhanced relic equipment via delivery system
2. Make the stats static

This is mine…

Please for the love of Altana, make it a static boost. I’m a crafter and a synergist and I want no more to do with random stats…

Give us static stats so we can then choose which pieces to upgrade and keeping them storable is key. I have 9 jobs at 90 and am working on a 10th for fun.

I’m just not really sure if relic is worth upgrading. It’s all so situational now. I realise that multiple routes to improved stats is no bad thing but honestly EAF has pushed most pieces back into storage or the occasional macro slot.

Put it this way, I have two +1 relic pieces completed and the ability to +1 4 more. Those -1 pieces have sat in storage for years… because they’re not really worth bothering with. I might upgrade my Cleric’s mitts… but I have the Cleric’s Pantaloons +1 and the Sorceror’s Tonban +1 done and that’s it. I could be 4/5 on +1 Cleric’s gear and I love dynamis but its not worth the cost because I won’t use it…

The problem with upgrading the relic, even from +2 is that the base pieces are in many cases completely obsolete and if you follow the same lines as you have in the past, won’t be improved by boosting existing or even close stats to a point where they will compete with something else. Let me run though the WHM set as an example…

Cleric’s Cap +1
DEF: 25 MP +25 VIT +5 Enmity -5
Enhances “Resist Silence” effect
Lv. 75 WHM

If you +2’d this you would see a rise in defence, some more MP to say 30-35, perhaps some more VIT, you’d expect another -1 or -1 ENM and possibly the addition of another stat, for example MND.You have room to add another Enhancing ability but honestly the EAF +2 is godly, why would you ever use a Cleric’s Cap +2? It would have to be very specific or some godly set bonus because no one is going to keep this on otherwise.

Cleric’s Briault +1
DEF: 43 MP +29 Enmity -3
Adds “Refresh” effect
Enhances potency of “Regen”
Lv. 75 WHM

With this, its a macro and idling piece at best. More MP isn’t going to help, more -ENM is nice but you only cast regen in it. You could add another tic of refresh to it but not many people have this piece right now so CoP dynamis will have to be slightly more accessible (I’m assuming its going the same way as the others) to make this an alternative to the hundred other free/cheap pieces which you can idle in. You could improve the potency of regen I guess and add something else.

Cleric’s Mitts +1
DEF: 17 HP +20 MP +20
Enfeebling magic skill +15
Enmity -4
Enhances potency of
“Banish” vs. undead
Lv. 75 WHM

More HP/MP – meh. Add more bloody skill! Or Macc. You could add MND to these and make them godly. EAF+2 hands are situational, as are these. Another -ENM maybe but again they’re a macro piece.

Cleric’s Pantaloons +1
DEF: 32 MP +17
Healing magic skill +15 Enmity -3
Elemental resistance spells +22
Lv. 75 WHM

The best piece of the set and buffing these would be useful. More MP I don’t care about. Healing magic skill would be awesome, if it did anything useful… more -ENM – meh. Elemental resistance spells bonus – {Yes Please}. Hell add Enhancing magic skill or MDB to them…

Cleric’s Duckbills +1
DEF: 16 MP +18 MND +6
Enhancing magic skill +10
Enmity -2

I was confused as to why SE made a pair of shoes (EAF+1 and 2) which so directly overwhelm these in the first place. Unless you give them something unique they will never get used…

So unless you’re considering going in a new direction with relic, I don’t think it’s worth +2ing it.


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