Occasionally I’m allowed some time off from Abyssea and Voidwatch. Oh and even running the shell.  One of the things I’ve done recently is get myself the Cosmic globe furnishing thingy. It seemed to involve a lot of this… (love the outfit, don’t you?!)

Goldfish Scooping

Goldfish Scooping

Goldfish scooping. Oh and copious amounts of swearing as I don’t have the outfit from a couple of years ago which helps with Goldfish Scooping… Eventually I got enough points though and after having pranced around Bastok Markets and shot a lot of mobs in Port Basty, I made my new furnishing.

New Furnishings

New Furnishings

We’ve started on Voidwatch and so far all we’ve done is upgraded all three stratum abyssites to level II. We then went to poke the crab NM in Ordelles and realised we had entirely the wrong setup. The one stunner we did have spent half the fight facedown on the floor!



I’ve started levelling my PUP. I’ve been collecting scrap seals for a while and bits of relic autosorted to me too. So I figured I’d try it out. However I don’t really need this job, rather I like having something to mess around with. I accumulated a few attachments from various things and I bought quite a few initially but now if I want more I’ll have to spam the ENM and Ob once I can. I’m level 34 now.

One thing I like is the little cs you get when you get a new frame. Your maton has something to say about it. As my first upgrade was to get the magical one, I opted for the RNG one next and finally the PLD. I like this…

Widget New Frame

Widget's New Frame

And here is Widget himself… in his new RNG outfit!

RNG Widget

RNG Widget


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