Trolling for scrolls

OK, now I should write a real post. We’ve done tons of stuff, I just haven’t gotten around to any real blogging. This season we are mostly doing… Voidwatch & Walk of Echoes.

The shell decided to try and catch up a bit with Voidwatch during August and early September and I am pleased to say it paid off. Alas we haven’t gotten to the mindnumbing stage of spamming things over and over for particular drops. We will, I see that coming shortly.

We have however opened up access to the Jeuno path and had members scurrying all over the place to start the Zilart path.  So on Thursday I see some new fights in our future.



I personally have picked up absolutely nothing of any worth from Voidwatch so far. We have seen a few bits and pieces but nothing epic. The odd bow, some flowers etc.

I hope by the time we’re on top of this, SE will relent somewhat on the drop rate. Otherwise once we’ve beaten the fights, the entire linkshell will get pissed off and bored.

I’ve been spending a HUGE amount of time in Walk of Echoes. In fact so determined am I to get my bloody spells, I’ve now gotten Mitch access so I can play his BST inbetween runs on my SMN. In the process of living in WoE, Bergi finally relented and levelled SMN and in true bergi style, now cannot be stopped until he has everything +3 and better than everyone else. Not that I blame him but I am so obsessed with these bloody scrolls that I can’t leave WoE.

I did managed to score big on Comet. I used it promptly before I sold it. I also got Ice Carol II. So I just need Holy II, Curaga V, Thunder V, Blizzaja, Breakga, Pining Nocturne, Horde Lullaby II, Boost STR, Gain STR and Temper! Approximately 6m gil worth of scrolls. And that’s after significant drops and the 3m price tag Comet had on it at the time I got it!  Dear SE, I do not want to be spending 10m+ on spells. WTF were you fucking thinking?!

I will probably cave in and buy some but I’m not buying them all. I’m trying to save for Gaiters right now and am up to just under 6m already. So I don’t want to waste the gil on things like Holy II.  I’m hoping for another Comet drop so I can buy a couple without feeling guilty. It’s getting a bit irritating that all the melee I know seem to be getting the bloody scroll drops!

Shiva hadn’t opened all its fluxes before the update. But within 24 hrs 1-7 were done and overnight (if that) 8-11 were up. I have now won all of them except the Crabs and the Mandies (#10). No one is doing the mandies and I’d love to. Apparently it’s hell on earth or something but it’d still be fun to try.

I spend most of my waking moments in flux 9 or 11.

We did go back to the HKCNM but after our easy wins, we took a bad setup and didn’t do so well. I did net a 100k shield but that was about it. Hoping Voidwatch ch.2 will also help with scrolls.  It’s that or I go insane.


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