Fortuna EU Linkshell on Shiva {Looking for Members}

Fortuna is a longstanding (7 years in Jan) EU-focused endgame shell. We are not purely an event shell but a community of friends with members old and new. We have accomplished a lot over the years without resorting to botting.

  •  We run an active forum on Guildwork and regular, scheduled linkshell events.  We expect our members to wear our pearl at all times. This is to ensure we maintain a friendly group and it works well. We have our own Ventrilo server.
  •  We run a wishlist system for Abyssea which has equipped our members with a lot of nice gear. We do not currently create Empyrean weapons for our members, however you may wishlist sets of upgrade items in you #2-#5 wishes.  You can read more about this on our website.
  • We have killed our way to Jeuno -Voidwatch for many of our members and are working on the earlier paths as well as the new to bring everyone up to speed.
  • Small groups within the shell regularly farm Abyssea, Salvage, Walk of Echoes & Dynamis. We’ve been known to do ZNM, Sky, KSNM99 (completed many BB), Limbus, Sea, Ouryu, Bahamut v2, the Kings and more.  If you come to us with a popset or a suggestion for an event, we’ll try and incorporate it into the schedule.
  • Various members have or are in the process of creating Walk of Echoes and Empyrean weapons.
  • We have considerable job flexibility.

When we run

Our events usually run Tues/Thurs/Sun 19:30 GMT (14:30 EST). Outside of events, your time is your own but you will find members do a lot together.

The physical age range of the shell is 20-50. The mental age range is probably 18-90. The two do not always correlate. However it means we do understand college/family/work commitments but if you can’t show up our events regularly then it probably isn’t worth applying.

What we need…

We are looking for experienced and capable adult players with a group-oriented attitude to linkshell events.  We could use another experienced PLD, who is willing and able to be up front for Voidwatch.  Someone who has actually played it at endgame and for more than 10mins. We’d be even happier if you had other jobs too.

We also need some career support. People who don’t cry when you ask them to come WHM, RDM or BRD and are actually good at them. Especially BRD.

If you have BLU, that would be great. Hell we could even use another MNK but what we really don’t need right now is DNC, NIN, PUP or THF only players.

We expect you to have all your red/blue/grellow procs on jobs you want us to take seriously. We expect you to keep your skills in shape (ok, we might not worry about guard) but we understand that not everything can be done overnight. We expect you to have your spells or in the case of the recent ones, be working on them

Fortuna is a great community and gets things done. So come join us.


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