Epic weaponry & WHM. Or reasons why I don’t have a Yagrush.

I’ve been thinking a lot about weapons recently. Since Ere, Nia and I decided to team up and get a G. Horn and an Aegis done, my thoughts have turned to whether there’s another weapon I want to complete.

I’m at 39/50 Bukhis Wings for my Gambanteinn after last night. So having completed the two #1s which require Bukhis kills this month, I’m looking at farming up 6-10 popsets only.  I had contemplated finishing this back in October but because I knew my #1 wish would involve Bukhis kills I decided to see if anyone else’s did. Lo and behold, Bergi wanted to complete his Caller’s Pigaches +2 as well.

I know I’ve done this incredibly slowly.  This is in great part, intentional. I didn’t want to feel under pressure or stressed about it. As Bukhis drops are needed a lot by the shell I’ve just constantly wishlisted wings and picked them up. I’m only currently planning to get it to 85 as I have other goals.  That might change later.

If someone could hand me a completed weapon of any time, it would be Yagrush.  I considered a g.horn for my brd. I even thought about a Mandau for my THF. Fact is I don’t play or even want to play BRD enough these days to justify the effort.

Right now, Yagrush in gil terms is the equivalent of 3 relics.  Mythic weapons are deeply selfish things. I’ve decided that I will try and get some of the prerequisites out of the way so that should the Alexandrite situation ease up, I’m in a position to complete it.  I’ll keep any I earn (rather than sell) and perhaps I’ll even buy some if I see it cheap but as I’m pouring my gil into Nia & soon Ere effectively, that won’t happen for a while.

Objective Status
Captain O
Runic Key O
Vigil Weapon O
Odin. (Elite Einherjar) O
Long-Bowed Chariot in Bhaflau Remnants. (Comet Charioteer) O
Armored Chariot in Arrapago Remnants. (Sun Charioteer) O
Battleclad Chariot in Zhayolm Remnants. (Star Charioteer ) O
Long-Armed Chariot in Silver Sea Remnants. (Moon Charioteer) O
Gurfurlur the Menacing in Halvung. (Troll Subjugator)  X
Gulool Ja Ja in Mamook. (Shining Scale Rifler)  X
Medusa in Arrapago Reef. (Gorgonstone Sunderer)  X
Acquire Balrahn’s Eyepatch. 100,000 Therion Ichor ~33,000/100,000
Acquire the Wyrmseeker Areuhat 150,000 Tokens from Nyzul Isle ~80,000/150,000
Lebros Chronicle 0/10
Leujaoam Log 0/10
Periqia Diary 0/10
Ilrusi Ledger 0/10
Acquire 30,000 Alexandrite. 250/30,000
Tinnin’s Fang  X
Sarameya’s Hide  X
Tyger’s Tail O
Defeat Zahak  X

In all likelihood I won’t have a Tyger’s tail for long as we’re going for a PW pop but now that they’re 100% I’m less worried about those.

I think I’m going to work on getting the Beastmen titles asap. I’ve tried for at least one in the past but we got there as they left for Besieged and so he disappeared.  However if I get those done, then I’m onto the stage where I can work on points.  Redoing assaults will be dull but straightforward. Nyzul Isle tokens are cake to get.  Ampoules I’m kicking myself over, I should have saved some but I think farming will become realistic if we can enter daily. Meanwhile I know some other people who need some so I might be able to set something up.

The Alexandrite is literally my personal stash.  On shiva I see it selling for 15k a piece. Occasionally 10. You’re talking 300-450m gil’s worth. I  Even with donations and sourcing suppliers at a lower rate, it’s a lot of gil.  Farming some of it will help, but you need to go every day to make any dent in it. The supply isn’t high right now. t’s not impossible but the commitment needed is crazy high. I’ve witnessed this when Staren and Anexya talk about the work they’re putting in.

Of course you might get lucky and win a Catseye from the Mog bonanza; or they may finally cave in to player pressure and improve the supply and/or reduce the amount of alexandrite needed for these weapons.  I hope they have the sense to do both but I’m not holding my breath. Make it 10k already.

These weapons were not supposed to be about gil, but they made it ALL about the gil.  I won’t fund a Yagrush with a credit card (and god knows how much that would cost anyway) because I don’t believe in RMT. I can make money when I need to but this is on another scale.

So I’ll continue to chip away at the requirements so that I am ready should things change but until the Alexandrite portion becomes more reasonable, that’s all I can do.  Neither Mjollnir nor Gambanteinn are the slightest bit useful in comparison and that irritates me enormously.

In more positive news, I’m 2/4 on La Velue and then have Hovering Hotpot to do before moving onto the VNM trials for my gun.  Even after WoE spamming, I don’t have the coins I need to complete it yet and am more likely to team up with Ere to make Armageddons.

I do (like anyone who does WoE) have enough coins to create a staff. I’m just not sure I can face it. I am going to work on a Garuda -perp staff next.


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4 Comments on “Epic weaponry & WHM. Or reasons why I don’t have a Yagrush.”

  1. November 6, 2011 at 19:34 #

    The fact that other White Mage weapons are useless drives me batty too — I HATE that the mythic, which is so hard to get, is the ONLY one useful for the traditional White Mage. Good luck getting the other requirements met — I’m sitting at just needing alexandrite and ichor right now. Alexandrite, surprisingly, is easier to plow through than I thought — ichor certainly isn’t though. Hopefully that changes soon! ZNMs were much easier than I thought too, though I’m sure you already know that or will find out shortly as you build a PW pop set 🙂 Good luck!


    • eldelphia
      November 7, 2011 at 13:32 #

      Yeah, we’ve killed all the ZNM mobs so I’m not worried about that. I was also fortunate enough to kill Pandemonium Warden at 75, with a friend’s linkshell 🙂


  2. Lisa
    November 7, 2011 at 11:36 #

    The good (?) news is that Alexandrite is gonna drop in Nyzul Isle in a future update so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.


    • eldelphia
      November 7, 2011 at 13:33 #

      Yeah, I’m hoping that will help fix the supply. I figure they also have to patch salvage or give us magian trials for Salvage gear and that will send people back to Aht Urghan.


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