New Kindred Crest fight: Empty Dreams

On a whim last night, thought I’d see if anyone was up for trying one of the new Kindred Crest fights in the spires. If you haven’t seen anything about these, essentially they were brought in recently in a mini-patch. There is a fight inside each of the Promyvion battlefield; you need 30 Kindred Crests for the first three and 50 for Vahzl. 30 KC give you a Phobos Orb.

Travelling up throughPromyvion Dem made me a bit sad. It used to be an epic run through there and we reminisced mightily about the days of alliance climbs. However, it was damn quick and we found ourselves standing before the web of recollections before you knew it.

We went with a non-optimal setup as we didn’t have much of an idea how tough it would be. Went with BLU (good), WHM, RDM, DRK, WAR (good) and THF.  We had a ton of fun.

Inside the fight nothing aggroes but  there is a huge group of Weepers which keep repopping. There is a recollector which keeps summoning them effectively. You can stand in the middle of the whole lot and not worry as a mage. You want lots and lots of AoE damage but keep it away from the Recollector. The minute that dies, the fight is over.

You basically score points for every kill. Not sure what the threshold is (apparently 10k points), but at the end of the fight if you have scored enough, you get an item to take back to Shami (the orb guy) to trade for a reward. The orb holder gets an extra item to trade in, for a second chance at a reward. As the orb holder I got an ‘Ageless Imprint’ and an ‘Ageless Reminiscence’.

Periodically a ‘Boss’ mob pops and you get 1000 points for killing it. It reflects the bosses of the promy fights so we got the ugly bug which spits out adds for Dem (Gorger). You get 500 points for the mini gorgers. I’m not sure if you need to but we killed the Recollector right at the end of the fight. You get a countdown warning so we figure kill it before timing out.

Fight lasts 15 mins and you can go straight back in. You can drain and aspir the mobs so if you’re taking blu, equip something which allows you to get MP back. Refresh II wasn’t keeping up.  Take in lots of AoE damage. In the end I was there on RDM and diaga-ing groups of mobs to bring them in for AoEing. WIth stoneskin and phalanx they’d barely bother me.  The boss mobs can hit quite hard but nothing outrageous or threatening as long as you healer isn’t asleep.

Doing 5 in a row was fairly intense but fun. The items from the win stack so you don’t need to go back to Shami inbetween. When we went back to Shami to trade them in we got a bunch of random scrolls, sashes and swords as well as the usual synthesis materials and odd potions.

The screenshots were from our first attempt. Later attempts we beat the server record but I think you could get crazy numbers in there and do much better with a different setup. Still we had tons of fun 🙂


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