Linkshell. What’s it all about?

Coming up on 7 years (Jan) of what was Serendipity and is now Fortuna. We’ve merged from Alexander into Shiva and we’re still going strong. Not without our up’s and down’s of course. We’re no super shell.

We have a couple of people still from waaaaay back at the start.  Niamh and Doyler both came from the shell we all joined when we started the game. We were part of BastokanIlluminati which had a blue pearl I think and was run by Krash a level 42ish DRK. You could only join the shell if you were from Bastok.  Our token high-level was Rubin who reached the godly level of 69 and bought an E bow for some crazy number.

I remember having to borrow 50k from Niamh to buy a shield someone in shell was selling cheap and what a huge deal it was. I also remember Asskicker donating me a fairie tunic when I got to the level I could wear it and I was stunned. He had a son who played too called Asskickerjr. Or something similar.

Serendipity started because there was low level drama, in part caused by real life stuff going on with Krash. In the end I decided to buy another linkshell and make a pearl in case. That changed in minutes to being a refuge and a few of us decided to set out on our own. I had no idea what that would mean. I started playing in early October and we had Serendipity in January.

The first pearl I ever gave out was to Jimmy. He played PLD at the time. It’s his fault I levelled Clothcraft because he was the first person to see the opaline set and was going on about it and how I should get it.  When I saw it, I agreed. Instead of raising gil, I thought it would be cheaper to make it myself… No, I don’t get it either!

Niamh, Gilraen, Anroga and Beebo also got pearls. We picked up Oromi, Zeusddc, Kaylee, Lostprophet and Doyler too.  Kaylee turned into Athenaa and her own account later but she was originally on Z’s. I’m sure there were others and eventually Rubin asked if he could join.  We picked up Jongor, Clevan, Dellos, Lerko and many more over the following months with guest appearances from Levander, Vykos and others. Kaz has been in the shell over 5 years!  I know I’m not remembering everyone. We’ve had waves of people join throughout the years and many of them have stuck with us. Brachial, Tibialis and Axyke joined years back too.

Niamh, Doyler, Brach, Tibi, Axyke and Kaz are our longest standing members now.  Clevan and Dellos are from way back also but we only see them every now and then.  People come and go. Some leave, some return and more quit.

Doyler set up our first forum in Summer/Autumn 2005 and I have the first ever Admin email I sent to everyone on it.

Alvida Epic Lucanuk Rithe
Ameen Erestor Martinius Rotx
Ang Euredi Max Shaorankun
Anroga Execrate Mehra Sharpblades
Arubus Falconn Melissaann Shindra
Athenaa Firi Mentulius Shinta
Axyke Gillers Mercator Shiroyuki
Azgaile Gnarf Mitchturbo Silkxiv
Bailie Gosuwarrior Mizrahi Slaanesh
Bawb Grimfang Mouseman Sore
Beren Haldarn Mrjosh Stunmonk
Bloodyangel Hankerchief Nakir Syrik
Brachial Hasiano Nanayume Sytorius
Bruin Hdfatboy Naphtali Terah
Bulldog Helmuru Nataru Terrier
Cari Hioki Nephroxous Theone
Carpenter Hyperwhite Niamh Thiery
Cathrin Izabela Notbergi Tibialis
Cazos Jab Nuitari Triquarter
Clevan Jatsue Nyara Tsen
Columnarius Jero Nystul Ubuu
Coprinicus Jimmy Oddis Ulathe
Crasy Jongor Oromi Uneac
Cuervo Josiey Ovidius Uremeki
Cyber Kaedryn Pendas Vernon
Cyfiawnder Kaibelf Pharmecius Vykos
Darrell Kazgoroth Pamnee Xan
Deedlit Kendamarr Poodevi Xynthios
Dellos Kio Pootersmash Yayna
Demeter Kryptonitic Puu Yehipers
Demonico Kucintaru Raze Yuri
Diakato Kuromoto Reccaa Zeusddc
Distant Lerko Rgtheone Zfrosted
Doyler Levander Ricflair
Drepainfulhit Loklore Riiaider
Enlighted Lostprophet Rinheartily

The above is a list of all the mentions I could find on ls sites, DKP, points and admin emails of ls members past and present. Some of the people who joined only stayed a few weeks and I’m sure there are a few not included. There are people there even I don’t remember…

Skimming back through the emails, I kinda miss our old site. Guildwork is absolutely amazing but we used to send out monthly emails about what we’d been up to in shell to the whole group. We acknowledged people who hit 75, got missions done and all the notable drops. We also used to get birthday reminders, something which I miss now.

It’s amazing reading back through what we’ve achieved over the years. I might post some of these emails up in our own forum.  It’s a walk around nostalgia city.

I love our linkshell and everything it’s stood for over the years. On the whole we usually end up with a group of really nice people who stick with us and get things done.  It isn’t for everyone and I know not everyone has gotten along with me over the years but I am proud of what we’ve achieved.

We’re somewhere in between when it comes to linkshells honestly. We’re more than a social shell but the community is a stronger focus than the drops. Don’t get me wrong, a major part of why people join linkshells is to get things done and to accumulate drops. For me though the important thing is trying to ensure we have a fun, friendly and supportive environment to do it in. So we don’t like people treating us as an event shell which they can pick up and put down. Sure we can and have killed most things (PW and AV coming soon!) and we can even do it well but we usually are a bit chaotic and a little behind the more high-pressured event shells on the server. We don’t production line anything and we tend to focus on events and activities which the majority can benefit from.  If we can’t scale it, we can’t do it.  Smaller groups within the shell then focus on harder core stuff like Empyrean and relic weapons, Salvage and other statics.  We bring the shell together 2-3 times a week and try and help with the harder stuff or the stuff which people find harder to organise themselves.

Eidan summed it up nicely in a discussion…

 “If you just want to stay in the LS for gear … That’s never been what the LS has been about. Yes, event shell, but also social shell – at least to me, it’s been more social than event orientated. If your focus has changed from social to event, then you’re just not a good fit for the shell anymore. Because that’s not what the shell is really for.”

Thanks for indulging me in my trip down memory lane 🙂


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8 Comments on “Linkshell. What’s it all about?”

  1. eldelphia
    November 18, 2011 at 10:54 #

    I missed out Shao. And probably half the linkshell /wrists!


  2. Shao
    November 18, 2011 at 13:57 #

    I just like messing with you because I ❤ U!
    Beside, that prove my mission of being forgettable was perfectly accomplished! XD


    • eldelphia
      November 18, 2011 at 15:18 #

      I know it’s easy to say now but when I put Dre in, I put him in because I thought ‘Shao’s friend’ so I assumed you were already there. I don’t forget you :p


    • eldelphia
      November 18, 2011 at 15:18 #

      It also shows how flawed my methodology was lol (you’re not the only one…)


  3. bloodyangel
    November 27, 2011 at 09:59 #

    feel honored to have made the list ^_^
    really, best days in my life as a gamer….. gief them back 😦


  4. Gnarf
    January 20, 2014 at 20:42 #



    • January 22, 2014 at 13:55 #

      Hey Gnarf 🙂 – we’re all playing FFXIV now and if you are too or want to come say hi, a few of us are on guildwork. If you’re in touch with tibi, you prolly know all this 😀


  5. bloodyangel
    January 24, 2014 at 13:09 #

    wanted to say hi
    and that im gonna be the proud father of a baby girl in a month or so ^_^
    hows things going for ffxiv?


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