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Clikc here for the original post on FFXIAH in all its glory!  [Dev] Reducing Spawn Timer for all HNM’s – FFXIAH.com.

Well this made me laugh…

Adventurers! Fear no longer! After considering your feedback, the development team have come to the agreement that the community at large expects four things from their adventures in Vana’diel:

1) Rare mobs and scarce items that justify the crushing fact that they spent several years camping the same mob
2) A monopoly on said drops that lead to a falsified sense of superiority over other players
3) A sense of inane competition between linkshells in order to forge fierce rivalries over strong friendships
4) A large dose of drama and trash talking, since Call of Duty multiplayer isn’t the only place this kind of thing belongs

In reponse to this feedback, we are happy to announce the introduction of a brand new server – Fafhogg!

The rules of this server will be slightly different to other servers, but here is a taste of what’s to come!

  • All NMs, including those in Abyssea, will become Timed Spawn and have their spawn timers increased.
    *Empyrean Weapon mobs will be given a 48-72 hour respawn timer. Seal and KI mobs will be given a 21-24 hour respawn timer.
    *You can totally dust off those bots now and be on call 24/7 again, guys!
  • In accordance with this change, Empyean weapon/armour upgrade items will no longer be an 100% drop rate.
    *Empyrean gear and weapons should only be for the elite and completely dedicated, after all!
  • A new chat feature, /troll, will be added. This feature will allow inter-linkshell drama to be broadcast from any zone directly into Jeuno.
    *Because everyone cares so much about how that linkshell you don’t like wiped to Tiamat, they really do!
  • All gear obtained from mobs on this server will be labelled with the “Bling” tag. Underneath each item will be a detailed statistical analysis of how the item was obtained. Statistics shown will include the number of players MPKed to get claim, Linkshells that wiped to the NM previously, and the name of the LS officer you sucked up to in order to get lotting rights!
    *You know, because you want to be a special snowflake!

These changes will be implemented onto the test server sometime next week, so please look forward to it!

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