Augmented Relic info

It looks like you start with getting x many ‘Forbidden’ items from dynamis zones . Then you farm 20k xp where the piece or the -1 piece drops whilst wearing them.

DAT MINING DISCUSSIONS — December 14th 2011.

Thanks to ‘Theytak’ who posted them to BG.

Trial 4954: Warrior’s Mask +2: adds “Enhances ‘Savagery’ effect”
Trial 4955: Warrior’s Lorica +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Aggressive Aim’ effect”
Trial 4956: Warrior’s Mufflers +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Mighty Strikes’ effect”
Trial 4957: Warrior’s Cuisses +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Warrior’s Charge’ effect”
Trial 4958: Warrior’s Calligae +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Tomahawk’ effect”

Trial 4959: Melee Crown +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Penance’ effect”
Trial 4960: Melee Cyclas +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Formless Strikes’ effect”
Trial 4961: Melee Gloves +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Invigorate’ effect”
Trial 4962: Melee Hose +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Hundred Fists’ effect”
Trial 4963: Melee Gaiters +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Mantra’ effect”

Trial 4964: Cleric’s Cap +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Devotion V’ effect” (May be a typo in translation, May mean you have to have the merit 5/5)
Trial 4965: Cleric’s Briault +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Benediction’ effect”
Trial 4966: Cleric’s Mitts +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Martyr V’ effect” (May be a typo in translation, May mean you have to have the merit 5/5)
Trial 4967: Cleric’s Pantaloons +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Shellra V’ effect”
Trial 4968: Cleric’s Duckbills +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Protectra V’ effect”

Trial 4969: Sorcerer’s Petasos +2: Adds “Increases Ancient Magic II damage”
Trial 4970: Sorcerer’s Coat +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Manafont’ effect”
Trial 4971: Sorcerer’s Gloves +2: Adds “Reduces Ancient Magic II casting time”
Trial 4972: Sorcerer’s Tonban +2: Adds “Increases Ancient Magic II accuracy”
Trial 4973: Sorcerer’s Sabots +2: Adds “Reduces Ancient Magic II MP cost”

Trial 4974: Duelist’s Chapeau +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Dia III’ effect” and “Enhances ‘Slow II’ effect”
Trial 4975: Duelist’s Tabard +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Chainspell’ effect”
Trial 4976: Duelist’s Gloves +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Phalanx II’ effect”
Trial 4977: Duelist’s Tights +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Bio III’ effect” and “Enhances ‘Blind II’ effect”
Trial 4978: Duelist’s Boots +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Paralyze II’ effect”

Trial 4979: Assassin’s Bonnet +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Aura Steal’ effect”
Trial 4980: Assassin’s Vest +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Ambush’ effect”
Trial 4981: Assassin’s Armlets +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Perfect Dodge’ effect”
Trial 4982: Assassin’s Culotte +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Feint’ effect”
Trial 4983: Assassin’s Poulaines +2: Adds “Enh. ‘Assassin’s Charge’ effect”

Trial 4984: Valor Coronet +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Iron Will’ effect”
Trial 4985: Valor Surcoat +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Fealty’ effect”
Trial 4986: Valor Gauntlets +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Chivalry’ effect”
Trial 4987: Valor Breeches +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Invincible’ effect”
Trial 4988: Valor Leggings +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Guardian’ effect”

Trial 4989: Abyss Burgeonet +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Dark Seal’ effect”
Trial 4990: Abyss Cuirass +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Blood Weapon’ effect”
Trial 4991: Abyss Gauntlets +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Diabolic Eye’ effect”
Trial 4992: Abyss Flanchard +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Muted Soul’ effect”
Trial 4993: Abyss Sollerets +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Desperate Blows’ effect”

Trial 4994: Monster Helm +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Killer Instinct’ effect”
Trial 4995: Monster Jackcoat +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Feral Howl’ effect”
Trial 4996: Monster Gloves +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Beast Affinity’ effect”
Trial 4997: Monster Trousers +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Familiar’ effect”
Trial 4998: Monster Gaiters +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Beast Healer’ effect”

Trial 4999: Bard’s Roundlet +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Foe Sirvente’ effect”
Trial 5000: Bard’s Justaucorps +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Troubador’ effect”
Trial 5001: Bard’s Cuffs +2: Adds “Enh. ‘Adventurer’s Dirge’ effect”
Trial 5002: Bard’s Cannions +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Soul Voice’ effect”
Trial 5003: Bard’s Slippers +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Nightingale’ effect”

Trial 5004: Scout’s Beret +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Recycle’ effect”
Trial 5005: Scout’s Jerkin +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Snapshot’ effect”
Trial 5006: Scout’s Bracers +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Flashy Shot’ effect”
Trial 5007: Scout’s Braccae +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Eagle Eye Shot’ effect”
Trial 5008: Scout’s Socks +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Stealth Shot’ effect”

Trial 5009: Saotome Kabuto +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Ikishoten’ effect”
Trial 5010: Saotome Domaru +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Overwhelm’ effect”
Trial 5011: Saotome Kote +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Blade Bash’ effect”
Trial 5012: Saotome Haidate +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Shikikoyo’ effect”
Trial 5013: Saotome Sune-Ate +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Meikyo Shisui’ effect”

Trial 5014: Koga Hatsuburi +2: Adds “Increases elem. ninjutsu III damage”
Trial 5015: Koga Chainmail +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Sange’ effect”
Trial 5016: Koga Tekko +2: Adds “Enh. ‘Ninja Tool Expertise’ effect”
Trial 5017: Koga Hakama +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Mijin Gakure’ effect”
Trial 5018: Koga Kyahan +2: Adds “Reduces elem. ninjutsu III cast time”

Trial 5019: Wyrm Armet +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Deep Breathing’ effect”
Trial 5020: Wyrm Mail +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Spirit Surge’ effect”
Trial 5021: Wyrm Finger Gauntlets +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Angon’ effect”
Trial 5022: Wyrm Brais +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Strafe’ effect”
Trial 5023: Wyrm Greaves +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Empathy’ effect”

Smn: (I don’t know if the hanging quotes are on purpose or typos, put them in parenthesis next to the pieces that have them)
Trial 5024: Summoner’s Horn +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Astral Flow’ effect”
Trial 5025: Summoner’s Doublet +2: Adds “Reduces Sp. ‘Blood Pact’ MP cost”
Trial 5026: Summoner’s Bracers +2: Adds “Inc. Sp. ‘Blood Pact magic burst dmg.” (Inc. Sp. “Blood Pact magic burst dmg.)
Trial 5027: Summoner’s Spats +2: Adds “Increases Sp. ‘Blood Pact accuracy” (Increases Sp. “Blood Pact accuracy)
Trial 5028: Summoner’s Pigaches +2: Adds “Increases Sp. ‘Blood Pact crit. dmg.” (Increases Sp. “Blood Pact crit. dmg.)

Trial 5029: Mirage Keffiyeh +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Convergence’ effect”
Trial 5030: Mirage Jubbah +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Enchainment’ effect”
Trial 5031: Mirage Bazubands +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Azure Lore’ effect”
Trial 5032: Mirage Shalwar +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Assimilation’ effect”
Trial 5033: Mirage Charuqs +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Diffusion’ effect”

Trial 5034: Commodore’s Tricorne +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Winning Streak’ effect”
Trial 5035: Commodore’s Frac +2: Adds “Enhances ” effect”
Trial 5036: Commodore’s Gants +2: Adds “Enhances ” effect”
Trial 5037: Commodore’s Culottes +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Snake Eye’ effect”
Trial 5038: Commodore’s Bottes +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Wild Card’ effect”

Trial 5039: Pantin Taj +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Optimization’ effect”
Trial 5040: Pantin Tobe +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Overdrive’ effect”
Trial 5041: Pantin Dastanas +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Fine-Tuning’ effect”
Trial 5042: Pantin Churidars +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Ventriloquy’ effect”
Trial 5043: Pantin Babouches +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Role Reversal’ effect”

Trial 5044: Etoile Tiara +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Trance’ effect”
Trial 5045: Etoile Casaque +2: Adds “Enhances ‘No Foot Rise’ effect”
Trial 5046: Etoile Bangles +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Fan Dance’ effect”
Trial 5047: Etoile Tights +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Saber Dance’ effect”
Trial 5048: Etoile Toe Shoes +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Closed Position’ effect”

Trial 5049: Argute Mortarboard +2: Adds “Enh. ‘Altruism’ and ‘Focalization'”
Trial 5050: Argute Gown +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Enlightenment’ effect”
Trial 5051: Argute Bracers +2: Adds “Enh. ‘Tranquility’ and ‘Equanimity'”
Trial 5052: Argute +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Tabula Rasa’ effect”
Trial 5053: Argute Loafers +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Stormsurge’ effect”


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