So this is what greets me when I log back in to FFXI…

The time has come to speak plainly. I don’t usually do this because well I used to be a linkshell leader and it wasn’t done. I’m not anymore and I don’t have to be tactful or careful with other people’s opinions anymore. I’ve been back in FFXI trying to check things out. Barely logged in but have been on a bit this week when before I’d even gotten my macros set up, friends informed me that Uremeki and Bailiegrace were bitching about me on guildwork and in linkshell. Accusing me of stealing a small sum of alexandrite. No doubt because I was buying things on the AH which I funded from some dynamis runs. Thanks to Nia’s double white proc and generosity, we managed to get my gear mostly updated.

I’m no longer in any event linkshell, I’m just doing my own thing. But things like this remind me of why I left.

You know what Uremeki, I’d put money on it that the only person aside from Bailie who thought I’d stolen your precious Alexandrite is you. I know you’ve been bitching in linkshell. What your ego didn’t take into consideration is that I had blisted you. Oh and that the alexandrite our entire group had which we hadn’t sold was sitting quite safe on a mule untouched. I quit for 7 months.

You’re the most self-centred, narcissistic (look it up, I’m stressing a point here), selfish, greedy, opinionated idiot I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to know. And for all the gear we got you? Your numbers are shit. As is your group attitude. You ditched the people who geared you, forgot all the help you’ve had and decided to use and abuse friendships to get what you want. You whined when entire groups wouldn’t jump to do your bidding. And god forbid the rest of us got to stop doing Salvage (but remember, not until we got you your shit).

Now what’s funny is I have your little barbed messages because even though I’ve blisted you in game, guildwork sent them to me.

I don’t have a problem with Mart over this issue at all and you don’t and can’t speak for him. You’ve tried that before. Whilst Mart and I aren’t as close as once we were, all he needs to do is talk to me. I simply haven’t seen him online. I had no wish to see or speak to you at all. Thankfully I have good friends, who let me know what’s going on. When members of your own linkshell blist you sweetheart, you know there’s a problem.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve been a little more caught up in the real world. I’ve been on more this week than I have since Christmas. And that’s 3 times. One of my closest friends and someone I loved very dearly died. You know that shit that happens in real life. I honestly couldn’t give a fuck about you or your alexandrite.

I have absolutely no interest in being ‘friendly’ with you ever again and it’s certainly not contingent on you letting me know that you’ll allow it now you have those 250 alexandrite.

So… next time you open your ugly mouth on yet another issue you know nothing about or decide is worth shit stirring just don’t. Did I think about keeping your alexandrite? Hell yeah! But, unlike you I have integrity.


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