I realised I wa…

I realised I was opening the floodgates for a barrage of crap by finally posting last night. I also realise there are a lot of details that readers are unaware of. I logged in this morning thinking ‘I should really take that post down’. Nah, it can stay.  I’m not a victim of anything in game, just pissed off.

well i dunno what bai said since all I really mentioned to her was that you were back and I was going to ask about the alex, but you said it yourself: “I quit for 7 months.” Well you didn’t divide the alex up before you went.. so what is a person to assume? also that small amount of alex was worth millions in our current economy.

What a person is to assume is I’m not playing and if it’s really important to them, they contact me directly or through friends to sort it out. Which didn’t happen. You can tell I’m not playing, my account wasn’t active. So obviously I’m hightailing it to Saint Lucia with the proceeds of the sale of 250 alexandrite!  I didn’t plan my break. Just one day, it all became too much.

Mart has always been the voice of reason in our LS. After we found out you left the game, I inquired about the alex to mart since I actually thought he was holding it at the time. He said he gave it to you to hold. I then tried to contact you about it and of course got no response. So I asked mart to contact you about it, and he said you told him you werent going to reactivate your account just to give us alex shares. Fair enough. So then 7 months passed. Even the dimmest of persons can understand what that looks like. The blog post around the time you left about what you needed to make a mythic didn’t help the situation either.

If Mart did try to contact me about the Alexandrite, I’m not sure where. I spoke to him on Ventrilo several times after I quit and he didn’t mention it once.Possibly because he knew exactly what I was going through with C.  You didn’t contact me at all. In fact you dropped your pearl and left the linkshell community so fast it was ridiculous.  If it had even occurred to me, I would have done it before I left, it didn’t and no one said a word. If you remember, late last year I offered to give it out to everyone involved…

If I wanted to be as nasty as you are being id say that he was a younger man you met in a videogame and flew overseas to see once. Of course that would be an absolute disservice to C who was a great guy and has absolutely nothing to do with any of the issues that I had with you.

C was four yearls older than me, we met up several times and we talked several times a week on the phone, IM, vent and in various other ways for seven years. Leave him out of this.

Do I agree that you were generally the root of the problem? Absolutely.

Yep, it was all me obviously. Seven years of leadership of one of the best shells around which people left and came back to. Which people regretted leaving. Which people miss to this day. I was a leader, I’m going to get blamed for everything. You don’t hold a shell together for seven years without doing something right. Especially as I won’t put up with bullshit.  I’ve lost count of the number of people who came to me and apologised or rejoined the shell.  Or I bumped into a while later and we manage to get along with amiably enough for us to wish each other luck.  I’m pretty happy with my track record.


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One Comment on “I realised I wa…”

  1. Shaorankun
    September 1, 2012 at 00:21 #

    Im not ashamed. Im one of the people who always regreted leaving Seren. Honestly I was very bummed when I was told I could’nt rejoined. But such is life. I completely understand the reasons why and I never hated Eld for it. In fact I’ve always wished her the best. So yes Eld, your LS was amazing and you held it for 7 years. I’m glad that life made me met you and be part of your group. Wish I would’ve been better 🙂 As much as some people despise you, some love you just as much and its those that count! Take care, always.


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