Returning with a fresh perspective

Well I’m still struggling with FFXI. It’s interesting to see how much my tolerance and viewpoint has changed having had a chance to play something else. I’ve picked up Guild Wars 2 and have been dabbling in that but I’m not entirely sure what I want from it.

Since I got back into FFXI, I’ve managed to get T4 – T6 Jeuno Voidwatch clears done in one evening. I’d killed all of T4 and T5 before but at the time didn’t have the last of T3 done. When I returned to the game I only had the beetle recorded as a Jeuno T4 win. Skudo saw Layowen shouting for a T4 and T5 run and actually we went through and got Provenance access for the entire group.

Still haven’t done Ig Alima or Botox, although I’ve seen many shouts for the former. I set up a run to get the 2 additional stone key items for VW and got that done too.

I farmed a lot of Tav (I still like dynamis) and got the 50 upgrade items for my cleric’s body and didn’t see a -1 for it at all. I’ve seen and collected almost every other -1 possible from the top floor of Tav. Just hasn’t dropped since I started dynamis all those years ago. So I upgraded my body but still need to do the xp trials for both the body and my pants.

I’ve tried Neo Nyzul Isle. Got to floor 80 on my first run and floor 60 on the second. Not a bad start but the amount of repetition involved and need for a decent static honestly puts me off. It could be a fun event but the random number generator can really kick you in the butt.

We did some Shinryu for Nia and Skudo last night. Shinryu was being a right pain and making procing hard. One run we got him down to under 25% just trying to proc and he still wouldn’t. Neither of the items we were aiming for dropped. I probably wouldn’t bother with a brew for him anymore, just try and proc til 25% and then put up a screen or two and finish him off fast.

So right now I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’ve gotten far too used to playing solo or in smaller groups and only raiding/doing events when I want to. The kind of commitment FFXI requires may just be too much for me. There are things I still enjoy but I think to get any further involved needs more time and people than I can muster right now.

There are better ways to deal with loot allocation than those Square Enix employs.

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