So… what do you play if SWTOR and FFXI aren’t really grabbing your attention

I reactivated my subscription to FFXIV for a month and let it die again. Not interested. It’s a beautiful world but until relaunch my heart isn’t in it. Even if it would be nice to play with Doy again.

I’m still tinkering with FFXI but really I think the game needs some new content. Everyone seems burnt out with Voidwatch. Meeble Burrows has a long cooldown on it… intentionally no doubt to stop players ploughing through the content too quickly.  Perhaps there will be ways of reducing the cooldown within the event but it feels like another artificial block. Hoping the new expansion might breathe some more life into the game. Or at least by then we’ll have a feel for what the new producer is going to do with it.

SWTOR is on hold for me right now. It’s just stale.  Promised content has been delayed time after time. We’re waiting on the new updates for this month and rapidly running out of this month. If nothing of note happens soon I’ll be cancelling in October. PvP is still fun but it’s a little repetitive now.

What’s keeping me busy when I have time to play… is Guild Wars 2. It’s BEAUTIFUL and you have quite a lot of freedom inside it. With no monthly subscription I have no idea how this is going to work but I like it. I have a Norn Guardian and a Sylvari Elementalist to mess around with. I’m not levelling fast but I am enjoying it far more than expected. World PvP is fun, single pvp not so much. Tornaments are a good compromise.

Maybe this is me now. Messing around on different things as they rise and fall. I know other friends are.



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