Changes to SMN and SCH

From this post on the official forum…

*Perfect Defense
**Duration: The duration will be reduced from 90 seconds to 30 seconds +1 second for each 20 summoning magic skill. For example, at 600 summoning magic skill, the duration would be 60 seconds (30 + 30 seconds).
**Effect: No change

Well compared to what they’ve done to SCH, SMN got it easy. It will change certain fights though. Or they will involve EVEN MOAR SMN! SMN rotations for some fights I can see becoming the norm. That’s not possible in everything though.

600 Summoning magic skill?! Even the Japanese forum is going a little crazy over this one. Most likely you’re looking at a lot of fast-levelled, unskilled SMN hitting 30s and a bunch of others hitting 40 ish.

 *Tabula Rasa

The effects of the white magic “Embrava” will be adjusted as follows:
**Duration: Reduced from 5 minutes to 90 seconds.
**Haste Effect: Reduced to 15% + 1% for each 20 enhancing skill. Maximum of +25% at 500 enhancing skill.
**Regain Effect: Changed to Refresh effect (the #/tick is the same as before, based on skill).

Wow did they kill SCH. They really had it in for this job. I like the job and have managed to do a handful of NNI runs since I came back. With help, I +2’d my hands and have been working on gear to improve my enhancing set. I’m at 484ish I think but have a few notable pieces missing which would push me towards 500. A kirin’s pole instead of my fay staff, no Anhur body, +1 EAF head instead of +2 etc. I have enhancing merits but no Rubeus feet etc.

I can see a SCH being dropped from NNI now and a BRD making a comeback. BRD buffs with troub/nightingale/SV and a SCH buffs with some combo of Embrava and later AoE Regens.

So in response to the nerf to SCH and SMN they’re doing the following.

Since utilizing the above abilities has become mainstream in order to progress through certain battle content, we have planned to lower the difficulty of that content in accordance with this update.

*Nyzul Isle
**The required number of astraria to replace with the next higher floor equipment will be reduced from 25 to 5. The number in possession will be divided by 5 and rounded down. The premise that floor 100 will only be reached through a combination of great skill and luck does not change. Since the reliance on the effect of Embrava will be reduced, we will relieve this by reducing the number of required astraria for floors below.

Will anyone aim for level 100 anymore? 5 runs nets you a piece anyway. What are the chances without full length, double embrava anyway? Unless they subtly improve your chances of jumping then I can’t see people bothering to try for 100 anymore. Going to be harder to hit 80. Without third party tools and some considerable luck I think 100 is going to be almost impossible to hit ‘as is’.

**Monster HP will be reduced by approximately 10%. All monsters will be included in this change. Since the progress as a whole will be faster but the support effects will be suppressed, we will maintain the 30 minute time limit, or keep it close.

Can’t comment on this one as I’ve never done.

**Odin’s HP (Odin’s Chamber II) will be reduced by approximately 10~15%. Since the battle with Odin is more than with just the monster itself, Legion is slightly different, so we will reduce Odin’s HP by slightly more.

Again, not done Einherjar v2.

I have a SCH which was levelled not long after it was released. I enjoy it but it’s gone back to being the poor relative of BLM and WHM. I think Embrava could have used some toning down but this seems extreme. SCH will be relegated to the back of the closet again. I’m not sure they needed to nerf SMN but if it were me I’d have made it a flat 60s, not 30s + skill. All they do is encourage Aby-SMN to spam skillup scripts.

As for me, I’m still logging in. Not constantly, nor in the same way that I used to but enough to do a few bits and pieces every now and then. Stopped playing SWTOR and am enjoying Guild Wars 2 as light relief when I have time.


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