Trying Salvage II (Arrapago Remnants II)

Last night, Niamh and I went for an explore of Arrapago Remnants II (A2). Just to get a feel for how it is. A2 drops Ares and Skadi upgrade items apparently. However the aim of this was more to get a feeling on what’s possible.

The answer is, quite a lot! We went MNK/WAR, THF/NIN and RDM/WHM. First thing I’d consider changing is have the MNK sub NIN. Mitch has RDM (99) and WHM (86) – I think in some ways WHM would have been better but we’ll see.

We wasted too much time being cautious on the first floor. When you enter there’s a runic lamp which you touch. Then (like the chest) there are a series of things you choose to unlock. Once someone has selected something, it’s gone (unless more than one is offered). So it’s just cells in lamp form.

Pathos are fairly randomly removed by killing things. Particular mobs seem to unlock particular slots but who gets what and when, you have no control over.

We found a chigoe mob and from bg wiki worked out what to do to make it targettable. It was easy to kill.

Mobs in general were straightforward for us to kill. We didn’t seem to always fufill conditions to pop an active lamp every time we zoned up. There was always a lamp there but I’m not sure why it wasn’t active.

Nothing gave us any headache until the Acrolith floor. Not that they were tough but Niamh was taking a lot of damage from Sinker drill. In the end on the NM,  I SA and stole Nia’s emnity as much as poss and Nia stopped voking and calmed down a bit so we could bounce it a little more. Shadows ate drill with no problem. The NM was fine, no one died but it was hard on Mitch’s MP, especially as we didn’t manage to get him a weapon.

We killed a chigoe, gear, acro NM and then tried to get the NQ Khimaira to pop. We didn’t manage it, just a chariot popped. We then went up again and faced the NQ Khimaira there. We were absolutely fine until 25% and then messed up, which ended with Fulmination twice in quick succession and Mitch being caught in it. Still, next time I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

All in all, the mobs are fine and with practice I’m sure you could farm 4-5 NMs and at least one boss with a very small group. Each NM gave 1-2 plans. Being more efficient on the first floor would have given us the time we needed to explore a bit more higher up. I think it would be easier to take 6 in this one than the original Salvage but in all honesty I think  3-4 would be ideal.


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