Our experiences with Meeble Burrows

Thought I’d write about something we’ve done a fair bit of recently as I haven’t posted in a while. Last night our Meebles static killed the Megaboss of the Batallia Downs Meebles missions. Well actually we killed Grannus, then did the last set of missions, killed a book and THEN killed Melisseus (Megaboss).

Meebles is fairly accessible content. Especially if you want to farm marks. What we’ve found is that all of the rewards we want from the SC arm are from the last two bosses but from Batallia they’re almost all from the marks rewards.

So what happens? Well you pick up a grimoire from a galka in Upper Jeuno and get ported out to the Burrows. Each mission lasts 15 mins and the more of you in the mission (up to 6), the more marks you get. You ‘pay’ for the missions with pheremone sacks, which are like assault tags.


We started doing the SC ones a while before Christmas but took a break for six weeks or so when one of our static members was away.

Meeble Burrows shares some other features with assault. You start at a low rank. Whilst it is possible to jump around a bit, you need to complete the missions for each rank, to get the key items to access the Mega Boss fight. At least the first time.

So we worked our way through Sauromugue Champaign missions, killing the bosses for each rank and collecting the key items needed to access the Mega Boss fight.


For both sets of missions, the penultimate boss is the worst. By far and away. Don’t underestimate Urmagrhk or Melisseus  (Mel is easier) but Samursk and Svaha are worse. Square Enix seems to be fond of mobs which spam Magic Defense down at the moment just before nuking you from orbit. Or maybe that’s just me, having killed Kutharei a couple of times.

What we found in general is that the lower tier missions are pretty straightforward. There are some minor twists for a few of them but on the whole they’re mini assault missions and kinda fun to do. You don’t need a particular setup for most of them, just good communication and players who have half a clue. Aside from the last couple of bosses, I think this content is far more accessible than Neo Nyzul isle for most people so I’m surprised more aren’t doing it.

There are (just like in assault) a couple of PITA missions for each zone. It is possible to clear the 1 star objective for every mission easily by anyone I’d think but to get total completion and open up some of the nicest shinies you need to complete the 3 star objective in each mission.

In SC the bitchy mission to complete at level 3 was Instructor level 1 where all party members have to get from the start to the end in 5 mins. Through a large zone where certain paths are blocked off and you don’t know which will be until you get to them.

Get all the movement speed you can and pray for a nice route through. Unfortunately the random number generator can screw you and we narrowly missed it 2-3 times before we finally completed at 3.

In Batallia, having completed SC we have one mission outstanding to complete at 3-stars and that is Instructor 3. This is where you have to cause 10 bombs of various types to self destruct. We made it to 8/10 the first time and only just scraped 4 the second. If we’d have had more pheromones we would have stayed and tried again.

It’s easy to feed the bombs TP, aided by the Djinn mechanic of getting 100 tp if you hit them with the element of the day but you can’t make them use Self-Destruct. You must also make sure another bomb uses Self-Destruct which we found easier…

Anyway, no doubt we’ll get it but outside of low damage tp feeding, using the right enspell and low level nukes there isn’t a whole heap else we can do except try until we get lucky.

Unfortunately that means that whilst we have access to Researcher Emeritus gear we don’t have total completion for Batallia until we go back and get the level 3 objective cleared for that mission.

Still, we’ve now cleared all of the bosses and will probably farm up more marks in Sauromugue whilst we build popsets for Samursk and Urmaghrk.


My only grumble with the system is how shitty the droprates are. Even with a full TH thief, bonus to spoils and treasure hunter inscribed on our grimoires we have to date mostly seen a bunch of crap. What we’ve seen so far doesn’t inspire me to want to spend millions (even if I had it) on rebuying the boss key items because honestly you could almost pay for a relic in the process of kitting everyone out.


Now that we’ve cleared all missions in SC we can spam through them for boss KI and perhaps we’ll buy the odd KI but we need to spam Samursk and Urm to get key pieces for the group.

I think I probably wasted some marks on Hieros mittens which are a haste piece for SCH and a general healing piece which means until I farm up some more marks I’m sitting on everything I still have for a Taubran cape. I picked up Erlene’s Notebook (so did half the group!) from Batallia and really want a Sublime breastplate for fun but the cape is really, really good so it’ll have to wait. Hopefully we can finish up the full clear soon so we can grab some of the shinies from BT full clear rewards and get some of the stuff people still want.


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