Trying out Delve

Last night a friend asked me if I wanted to come along and try some Delve fights. I haven’t got a Wildskeeper Reive key item but I didn’t need to to join in, just if you want to initiate the fights.

On the Wildskeeper Reive front I’m about 20k bayld away from getting my first KI having bought various bits of bayld armour from the Peacekeeper’s Coalition. I’m not sure if just one KI is enough or whether that’s just enough for that area of Delve. I’m kinda assuming the latter.

The first thing the group tried was popping a Scorpion NM in Ceizak Battlegrounds. The idea being you kill the NM outside the Delve fight and get some item or key item which you combine with your pop to enter Delve proper and that NM will be removed from the dungeon.

The scorp NM was going down steadily until we were there for 20 mins or so and it simply seemed to be impossible to reliably hit it. Each one of these NMs seems to have a gimmick or need a KI or something to enable you to kill it in the time before it soft rages. SE have certainly hinted at it. I think the group got it down to 46% (ish).


Then we had a go at the Delve dungeon. The one from Ceizak looks like Cirdas. There are a bunch of ‘trash’ mobs who vary in irritating quirks. Crickets who spam cast Silencega, butterflies who cast paralyga etc. We met some beetles, diremites and crawlers too.


You get various alarming messages when ‘walls’ in the zone come down and basically allow access to more mobs.


Our scorpion friend was quite near the beginning but we didn’t get a chance to try him because we got stuck on one of the ‘trash’ mobs. I’m 95% convinced it was a situation where you needed to change damage types but it was hard to get people to try it our systematically. It was a cricket mob and it downright seemed either impossible to hit or incredibly resistant to most damage. Occasionally ice nukes seemed to go through. I tried rotating the element I nuked with but ice was definitely above the rest. I think it might have developed resistance to most of the damage types we were using and we needed to use blunt on it. We had a relic ranger missing with Namas Arrow and 2 of us tried swinging with staves and hit easily (admittedly for low damage). Not conclusive proof obviously but it was hard to get the melee to focus and try it out.


Perhaps the mob resists the damage of one type (slashing, piercing, blunt etc) if you predominantly spam one. Or has some mechanic where you need to do x amount of damage or use x type of damage to get it to drop its DT buff. Who knows. To try these things out you need to work through things fairly systematically and that just wasn’t going to happen last night.

So we farmed a bit but didn’t get very far. In the last minute or two a couple of us went for a run around. There were several NMs up including a scorpion, a moth, a gnat and the giant Bee.


The zones are fairly big and there’s a lot of mobs to potentially farm. It was a really interesting experience and I learnt a ton from it.

I think I would take a real variety of damage. You need to be near cap at least on skill for these things. No more Aby-onry DD. I’d take a couple of BLMs and I’d set up skillchains. I did suggest when we worked out that ice was doing well that we try some darkness sc + MB. I wouldn’t rely on one type of damage. DD’s might want to come /THF but I think it’s more likely that there are ‘tricks’ for each mob or zone and they’ll come out in time.

I did the whole thing on RDM which was interesting. My skill is almost capped and I have merits and good gear. I don’t have Macc magian but do have Matt for nuking (as BLM and SCH get used way more often). I was useful and enfeebles would land but dispel simply didn’t on the Scorp outside.

I’m wondering if some of the KI’s you can buy from the NPCs in Adoulin might prove useful.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some tricks to unlock here. Ways to remove the DT caps. Make sure you are skilled, take a variety of food and don’t be an idiot. Should be able to farm the plasma stuff well from the lesser mobs. The NMs on the other hand are going to take a while.


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