Relic/Mythic/Empyrean/Coin Weapons (RMEC)

I’m going to summarise my whole feelings on the issue of RMEC weapons and what’s happened with the last update. Just because sometimes it’s easier to write it out in full so people get the whole picture. My maths is illustrative and approximate – costs will vary server to server.

What has happened (in short) is that Square Enix has released weapons in the new Seekers of Adoulin (SoA) expansion which have considerably higher DPS than any pre-existing weapon in the game.

Not only have they done that, they have not definitively indicated that they are going to provide routes for upgrading pre-existing RMEC weapons.

In other games, this wouldn’t be that unusual but in Final Fantasy XI, it breaks the mold. Relic and then later Mythic weapons have always been held up as a pinnacle of achievement. When SE decided to raise the level cap, they could have chosen to leave them behind. Instead, they brought out empyrean and coin weapons AND trials to upgrade existing relics and mythics.

These were upgraded further. They’ve hit 99. The level cap has not been lifted even further. The first wave of weapons released with SoA upset people until the maths was done and they realised that there was still room for the existing RMECs. These weapons were introduced through Skirmish and Wildskeeper Reives.

Square Enix however seems to have changed its tune though because within a month of releasing Skirmish weapons, they have been utterly eclipsed by weapons achieved and upgraded via the new endgame content, Delve.

In the process, these weapons also eclipse R/M/E/C… Now let’s look at why so many people are furious about this…

Financial cost:

  • Relic weapons: 175-180 hundred pieces, 5 umbral marrow, 250 umbral marrow
  • Empyrean weapons: 1500 Heavy metal 90-95, 60 Riftdross, 3000 Riftdross (99 afterglow)
  • Mythic weapons: 30000 alexandrite, Mulcibar’s Scoria x3, Mulcibar’s Scoria x150

These are the bits you can buy. Somehow you have to make the cash for these or make time for the farming.

Up until level 90, I don’t think Empyrean weapon wielders have any rights to moan. If you have a good weapon at 90, great but it’s not until the 90-95 stretch things go nuts.

Relic holders are a weird bunch because there are those who upgraded back before it was easy to do so. Those who made shells for the sole purpose of upgrading. They were the Kings of FFXI weaponry for a long time. These days they are comparatively easy to achieve until you hit the last stage or two but they are still months of work for the average player and a lot of money either way.

Mythic weapon holders have my sympathy the most honestly. Partially because I still hanker after a Yagrush but more because the amount of work for a mythic eclipses most other things. You need to have gained Captain rank to even start one. You need to have beaten Nyzul Isle and have the KI. You then need to beat 4 Salvage bosses, Odin, 3 Beastmen kings and then the craziness starts.

Having beaten all assaults to get Captain you have to go back, beat them all again. You also have to do enough Nyzul Isle to make 150k tokens and enough Einherjar to make 100k ampoules. The best bit of course is the 30000 alexandrite you have to collect… But it doesn’t stop there. You need to beat all the arms of the Zeni NMs to get 3 items to fight for your weapon. Oh and then, upgrade it from 75-99.

The time invested doesn’t in many cases reflect in what you end up with but for some they were still the best out there at 99. Which considering the sanity loss you have to endure to get them, seemed fair.

So… if Square Enix hadn’t wanted the relics and mythics to endure they’ve had various points in which to stop them and move on. Unfortunately as Slaan (and others) point out, they set a precedent by making them upgradable via Magian trials. And making them very, very expensive.

There has been an entire industry around generating heavy metal, alexandrite and dynamis currency. People actually made money from each other. You could muddle along feeling quite comfortable and only really having to farm a lot when you were working on something in particular because those markets were fairly strong.

To be fair, the price of alexandrite has always been a headache. Hitting 20k per piece when you need 30000 is just crazy money.

So, if you’ve managed to get a mythic from 90-99 and paid out… between 300,000,000 and 600,000,000 gil in alexandrite and 30,000,000 – 45,000,000 gil in scoria… you have a right to be pissed.

With relics, you’ve paid 5-15k per currency piece 89,000,000 – 269,000,000 gil and then 50,000,000 – 75,000,000 gil for marrows

With empyreans you’ve paid 70-120k per heavy metal which is 105,000,000 – 180,000,000 gil and then 12,000,000 – 24,000,000 for the dross.

So the final bills come in roughly at :

  • 330m – 645m for a Mythic
  • 139 – 344m for a Relic
  • 117m – 204m for an Empyrean

All to 99 but NOT to the Afterglow (final)stage. And there are lunatics who have gone for the afterglow…

Most people will have farmed for months and years to get either the money or the various currencies involved.

Putting that amount of gil on a credit card couldn’t be viable for many people surely? Not that I advocate it but I’m sure people have done it.

You might be lucky and have an effective group to support you. It will make things like scoria and marrows more accessible. You may have friends who donate currency and time. It still adds up.

Allowing the R/M/E/C weapons to be upgradable was a mistake honestly and it’s one that kinda screwed over the economy.

I’m sure SE is looking at how much money people were making from Voidwatch, Dynamis and Salvage (let alone blinkers) and decided they didn’t like it.

I think they made a mistake back then honestly and should have moved away from the R/M/E models when the cap went up.

So now, the Delve weapons (which beat R/M/E/C) are imminently possible. They’re not ‘easy’ to get but in comparison are so much less of a commitment either in time or in gil and they beat every other option. Including things like the magian trial staves for mages.

SE may offer R/M/E upgraders an olive branch. I wouldn’t expect them to stay on top though.

I’m pretty bitter about Mythics anyway. I have a lot of the prerequisites but the Mythic club is the only R/M/E which makes a difference to my job. However, much as I’d love one, it has never, ever been worth 600m and that much time to me. If alexandrite continues to drop, we’ll see.

SE has stated that they want players to do the older content to gear up for doing Skirmish and then Delve. Players won’t do that unless they have to. What’s obvious is that R/M/E/C weapons make it easier to do the harder NMs for Delve but it’s not impossible without.

So why bother with Dynamis, Salvage or trials anymore when you can jump in and get a Delve weapon with relative ease?

We live in interesting (FFXI) times.


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