FFXIV – a yearish in

I did pop back to FFXI during the recent free login campaign. I even managed to beat a few Naakuals. With no one really around except another returnee Shinneh, I didn’t really get into much. A few things have changed and improved but really the game feels so dated now. It’s probably a better, more varied game than XIV but it is really showing its age. I considered hopping servers to join Skudo, Achi and Lechie but in the end decided I was unlikely to play much (if at all) and didn’t. I managed to upgrade a couple of pieces of relic and unlock some trusts.

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV: a realm reborn. It’s a very different game. Very different. I played during the alpha and beta of 1.0 and even dabbled during 1.0 but in the end only ever subscribed for a month or two. Just short enough NOT to get Legacy status. The game didn’t grab me. But the relaunch as A realm reborn is a different kettle of fish.

It is not perfect. There are lots of things I like about it and others which I dislike. I figure I might as well write about them from time to time here. I did consider starting a completely new blog but that seemed kinda pointless.

Right now though, I’m playing on the Siren Server. We have our own Free Company and our own company house. I ended up playing female elezen. During beta I decided I would play a race and a class which I was unlikely to want to play for real. These were elezen and Marauder. So of course I ended up liking both quite a lot. My original plan was to play a Hylandur Hyur and I’m occasionally tempted to change. However I’ve tried highlander once and their poses and sitting stances and just a bit too butch for me and I am so used to elezen, I can’t give her up. My ‘main’ class ended up being Scholar (which I love!) over White Mage (which sends me to sleep in comparison). I also have geared up my SMN, BLM and sometimes my WAR.


I’ll probably post here from time to time and I intend to post up a few images from the last year. Hope to see some of you in Eorzea!


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