FFXIV and new content

I’m in two minds about FFXIV at the moment. On some levels I really enjoy it and on others I am a bit bored. I know other people have gotten to this point a lot earlier but now it’s finally hitting me.

I think Square Enix really needs to be pushing out a level cap rise, which inevitably means the first expansion. We all know that they’re working on one and we’re expecting some news very soon. I’d guess it’ll probably be at one of the Fanfests. As it’s a Japanese company I’d anticipate it being at the Tokyo fanfest but I think that might be a bit late as it’s in December.

Hunting Nahn

Hunting Nahn

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s announced at the EU fanfest. It might hit Vegas as that’s a longer event but they seem to be pushing 2.4 for Vegas. Hopefully this means that 2.4 is just after Vegas or just after London the following weekend.

I hope we’re going to get some teasers on the expansion before December. I think they’d be really stupid not to. I’m guessing SE know the players need an expansion to progress. We need it in terms of Grand Company ranks, Free Company ranks, crafting, job progression, different forms of content. By now anyone who has been playing since the launch could be capped out on everything. Even players coming in at PS4 launch last April could be done if they wanted to be. Hunts

I feel as if 2.0 – 3.0 is about introducing the game and tidying up 1.0 loose ends. The game is in a good place now to move on from that.

What would I like to see?

  • A substantial level cap increase. By which I mean 10-30 levels.
  • Higher tier, accessible crafting gear
  • More dangerous zones. I.e. zones which aren’t leashed or have mobs which behave differently and are more of a threat. I would actually welcome the sound/sight/blood aggro system of FFXI. It’s still possible to die from aggro in FFXIV but it’s a lot harder.
  • Content where exact numbers and roles are not needed. So you can vary how many people you take along. This could be big content or small content.
  • Content aimed at Free Companies
  • Open world dungeons
  • No more Coil
  • More Frontlines battlefields which I can play with FC friends…


I have really enjoyed the Hunts, maps, gathering Syrcus Tower, crafting and levelling in general. I quite enjoy  fights like Ultima, Frontlines and the First Coil. I’d like to be able to rechallenge early content in smaller groups, especially with bocos! I have enjoyed the Scions/refugees plotline and want to see things get darker again.


I feel like FFXIV has put down some solid foundations but if it doesn’t build on them soon, people will walk away. I hope that SE realises it.

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