Personal Housing

The Free Company worked very hard and bought a medium-sized house in Ward 1 of the Mist much earlier this year. We bought it just before 2.3 I think. It took the combined efforts of the whole group and I love our FC house.

I had decided to save up for a personal house, assuming (like many others) that it would be around 1 million and then of course Yoshi P dropped the housing bomb and the 2m I was sitting on wasn’t quite enough. All the empty small houses in existing wards were snapped up (except for inside the Oasis) before I could get the cash together.


I decided to focus on building up some gil so that I could buy what I wanted. I made it to 5m and happen to notice that someone (or some FC) had vacated my favourite location in Lavender beds. It’s not convenient for the market boards but that doesn’t really bother me. I still spend a lot of time in the Mist. I just wanted a place to call my own and the chance to extend my gardening!


So now I live in Ward 6, plot 29 and have a great view of the waterfall and almost no neighbours!


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