Beating Odin!

I was lucky enough to beat the Odin trial at the Fanfest but I knew it was going to be harder ingame. Still, it did help me a lot. I went in as Scholar.

We went with a single tank method. There’s only one mob to tank (Odin!)and you need as much damage as you can muster. You need a tank who has a clue, who uses their cooldowns and who is reasonably well geared because hits up to 6k can hurt.


DPS is really important. REALLY important. As is your healing. I would think that DPS like Bard have a slightly easier time with this than BLM or MNK but we took a mixed bunch and managed fine. It is one of those fights where if you’re putting together a Party finder, you want to set the ilvl requirements at something like 105 and suggest people bring food. I think once people’s ilvls creep up over the next few weeks this is going to be an easy fight.

I tried setting up a group twice. The first group we went in with, we didn’t do poorly but we only got to 13% before Odin oneshot us with Zantetsuken. We tried 2 or 3 times before someone left.

Inevitably another couple of people made their excuses and ran and we were left with 5 people willing to keep going. No one had been an idiot. One important difference was we replaced our WHM. Healing is a bitch in this fight and you want confident and quick healers.

Quick healer note: you can remove one of the bleeding debuffs but not both. When the freaky floor effect is down that one won’t go but you can remove the other. So there’s no reason for people to have 2 stacks of bleeding up for long at all. The order in which the bleeding debuff is applied changes in the fight.

The first phase for healers, you can add to the DPS. Everyone can if they want, bring poison too but I don’t think it’s necessary. Just a way of adding more DPS.

The second group went in and we just went ahead and killed it. The people who had stuck with the group had learnt the fight, the people we picked up did good damage and the WHM was awesome.


Admittedly it was freaking close and we weren’t sure whether we’d done it or not but it was a really fun experience!

We got a pair of DoW pants! Fun fight, don’t give up – you’ll get it!


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