&%$£ing crafting! Master II tokens

I warn you now, I’ve come here to vent a bit! I really, really love crafting.  I’m not saying you need to RMT to stay on top of it but man it eats a lot of gil sometimes. I am just under a 4 star Weaver. I.e. I have my Supra and an Artisans offhand which is almost completely melded. It’s not quite finished because my funds and more importantly my patience ran out. I will finish it. I don’t have the crafted artisan’s gear yet. I have full melded af and the latest accessories, along with my specs and Ixali hands.

I took a break from everything and spent a hours gathering to make back a crapload of gil and then promptly blew most of it again.

What is currently driving me nuts? Making the token items for my Master II book for weaver. I have the stats and we have been putting up the FC Control and Craftmanship buffs to help too as Niamh, Jero and I think Rotz are at the same stage.  I only want to use those every few days as they burn points and we have some people levelling.

I’ve found an awesome guide, linked to from Bluegartr’s crafting thread. Thank you Lebensohl, whoever you are! It’s the best I’ve found so far.

I’d just like to add this list of things to mutter about which I have done in most cases once:

  • When I’ve accidentally made something with Reclaim up
  • When you end up with 11 stacks of IQ and then realise you miscalcutated CP and can’t finish
  • When you managed to fluke a HQ at 14% (early tries) and then discover you desynthed it by accident at some point later.

Don’t synth when you’re tired kids! I’ve now learnt what I need to do and I get it but man, making it happen is tough. I’m over the stats in Leben’s guide and using HQ bouillabaise but I was about ready to kill someone last night.

Oh, one last thing…

It’s amazing how many times Reclaim fails….


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