Heavensward at Pax East (screenshots galore!)

Well I thought they were going to push back the release date and I wasn’t wrong. I just wish they hadn’t said 23rd June (19th for early access). Still they did release a crap load of images and I made some quick notes…

  • We’re Going North to Ishgard
  • Ishgard is being attacked by Dragons
  • The Dragonsong War – between Ishgard and
  • After 2.5 part 2 – more cinematic, longer
    trailer will be released
  • War between dragons and humans
  • 7 evil Wyrm kings
  • Floating continent included
  • Alexander is new Raid Dungeon – Normal and Hard Mode
  • They are ‘refreshing the loot system’
  • Alexander is one large primal
  • Female Au ra very customisable – not just small, petite and cute
  • They will be releasing an 8 or 9 minute benchmark in April which will include a character creator
  • Astrologian 2 stances
  • Some support functionality on Machinist
  • Dark Knight will use MP and the power of darkness
  • Level cap will go to 60
  • Specialist – crafters (new system)
  • New System DoL – area where you gather special mats

I took 109 screenshots… and you can find em


Or here if you wanna browse http://s370.photobucket.com/user/eldelphia/library/Pax%20East%20Heavensward%20FFXIV


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