Heavensward Benchmark – updates from the Tokyo FATE event

The new benchmark will be available for PC on Apr. 27 at midnight (PT)! This was announced at the FATE event in Tokyo. Which also means a chance to try building Au Ra as there will be a character creator element to it as there was before FFXIV relaunched. There are some character creation screenshots here http://ff14net.2chblog.jp/archives/44443304.html

I’m interested to know where the serpent style mount comes from…  A few more details were noted over on Blue Gartr.

* Ishgard itself will be split into two areas.
* The Church in Ishgard is for the 12 Knights (of Round).
* Snowcloak connects to Western Coerthas.
* Dravania Forelands has the highest mountain in Eorzea.
* Western Coerthas & Dravania Forelands were designed almost 6 years ago.
* The Hinterlands is a large area, but with lots of water.
* The Hinterlands has a lot of Sharlayan overtones.
* The Hinterlands have been temporarily abandoned (?) by the Sharlayans.
* No dragons in TH.
* Dravanian Sea of Clouds is an area that exists above the Forelands.
* The story will explain why these floating islands exist in Sea of Clouds.
* The 7 children of Midgarsormr is shown.
* A new beast tribe will be introduced in the Eastern Sea of Clouds.
* The Sea of Clouds will only have places that can be accessed by flight.
* ???? Area (No name given for spoiler purposes) is a place that has many Allagan constructs.

I found some gifs courtesy of Reddit of the identifiable new limit break moves for a few jobs. These are straight from final566’s post.


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