Thavnairian Onions and how to get them

A casual question on our GroupMe group started me trying to explain about how we as a FC grow Thavnairian Onions. These are the items needed to uncap your chocobo’s xp every time it levels from 10 until 20. Whether it will remain the same after 20, we don’t currently know.

To explain, your chocobo will reach level 10 but will be unable to gain any further xp until you feed it a Thavnairian onion. This will then allow you to level your chocobo to level 11. A chocobo will need 10 Thavnairian onions to hit level 20 which is the cap before Heavensward and 3.0 hits.

The seeds for the onions cannot be gathered or purchased from an NPC. They have to be bred. What does this mean?

It means we have to cross two types of seeds to get Thav Onion seeds. But wait.. there’s more! Let’s take an example…

OnionsSo to get our onion we need to crossbreed Curiel Roots with Nymeia Lilies. This is one possible combination and the one which seems to work the best for us.

Unfortunately you can’t gather Curiel Root and Nymeia Lily seeds either. So you need to cross breed for those too.

Let’s take Nymeia Lilies as an example. To get the lily seeds we need to plant a bed of almond and mandrake seeds. You need to use Grade 3 Thanalan Soil (this soil is the one which helps you get crossbreed seeds, the other soils do different things). It seems that the crosses are determined when you plant, so… you must plant one after the other around the patch rather than say planting in the corners and then planting the other seeds in between them. You alternate the seeds.

Now you have a choice to make. Because the first seed going in doesn’t have a neighbour, it won’t cross with anything. So you can either accept a limit of 7 possible crossbreeds or you can plant all the way round, rip up the first seed and replant. But this uses an extra seed and extra soil.

So you plant your almonds and mandrakes and then each day must tend them. In 5 days your plants will ripen and you can harvest. Each ripe plant has a chance to produce a seed however there are often two possible options for each cross. In this case we’re okay. So you harvest your plants and then see if you get any seeds. In a good batch you might get 5 or 6, in a poor batch 2.  Usually it’s 3-4.

So here we are, we have a bunch of lily seeds and no curiel root seeds. So we then plant up krakka and chamomile seeds. Thankfully krakka seeds can be bought from a vendor in the Housing districts. They’re just under 3k per seed. Chamomile seeds, like almond and mandrake seeds, have to be gathered by botanists. Another 5 days and you have your 7 shots at Curiel Root seeds.

Obviously you try and breed for these two sets of seeds at the same time. That takes two beds.  We have a medium house and our Free Company garden has the maximum of two gardening patches in it for its size. This equals 16 slots.

So whilst you’re growing these, you can’t grow anything else.  In our FC, Lord Rotz and I currently use the garden patches in our personal housing so supplement the main FC garden.

Once you have your Curiel and your lilies you can then plant those up together with more Grade 3 Thanalan Soil and hope you get some Onion seeds. Unfortunately, these seeds are rarer and are one of two possible outcomes of the cross – the other being Shroud Tea.  Shroud tea or Apricot seeds are the other possible outcomes of almost all Thav Onion crossbreeding attempts.

So, you can actually do all this and end up with 1 onion seeds and a bunch of Shroud tea seeds.

As well as the time, you need the seeds to be gathered and… the Grade 3 soil.  Grade 3 soils of any type can only be gathered by a miner with a minimum of 353 Gathering from unspoiled nodes.

One batch of onion seeds will take at least 24 (possibly 27) Grade 3 Thanalan Soils. And of course you need some form of soil to grow the onion seeds in at the end.

To speed up the process you can fertilise your plants with Fishmeal. This is bought or crafted. It’s cheap to make and involves paying a few gil per fish and then for someone to grind em up with a low level Culinarian. Fertilising your seeds will reduce their growing time by 1 hour each time. You can fertilise them once per hour.

Right now in our FC I would say we have at least 15 active chocobos at rank 10 or higher. Lord Rotz, Tibialis Taru and Niamh Cassandra have bocos of rank 18 or higher and Lord Rotz’ boco is rank 19 and uncapped so he will hit 20 soon.

15 active bocos = 15×10 = 150 Thav Onions if we grow them all!

Donations of Chamomile, Krakka, Almond and Mandrake seeds as well as Grade 3 Thanalan soil welcome 😉

I think we need a chaingang of FC members shovelling out the stables so we can use the boco poo on our garden!


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4 Comments on “Thavnairian Onions and how to get them”

  1. April 22, 2016 at 18:28 #

    Great Help! I Had to go to another page for a few things because you don’t talk about how to plant the Curiel and Nymeia lilly planting process, You only talked about mandrake.


  2. ararita
    September 20, 2016 at 03:20 #

    problen is attempting to plant the roots..i am told the krakkas



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