Some of the smaller things in the preliminary patchnotes which caught my eye

You can do a max of 12 beastmen quests a day

It goes without saying there will be new beastmen quests for the two new tribes but this will be helpful once those are done. I’ve been wanting to finish up some of the other tribes which aren’t capped but ended up spamming Ixali.

New form of leves called Temple Leves

Take 10 levequests but sound interesting.

New job items have been added to Grand Companies and to poetics gear. [2.0] Gear for dark knight, machinist, and astrologian has been added to previously existing dungeons, trials, and raids.

The number of company seals received for expert delivery missions has been reduced.

Depending on how much of a reduction this is, this could be a headache for me. Although with the new levels, doing handins again will feel more worth it. I guess SE want people to share the gear love a bit more.

You can spend Grand Company points in Residential areas now (Caretaker)

* Grade three actions can only be acquired using an aetherial wheel

So there are new tier III actions and the only way you can get them is to use an Aetherial wheel. Which we have sitting in the basement and barely gets used. Has a use now. Have you noticed how much SE wants you to be in a Free Company and have a house?

[2.0] Players can now purchase up to three mini cactpot tickets per day.

[2.0] New prizes are available for purchase using MGP

They go up in price but you can take your chances. Possibly helps with getting points for gear.

[2.0] Player attributes have been adjusted as follows:
Skilspeed and spellspeed now affect damage over time and healing over time effects.
The effect of determination on auto-attacks has been reduced.
Critical hit rate now affects damage dealt with a critical strike.
Certain attributes no longer affect parry or block.

This is actually kind of a biggy – the price of materia should stabilise a bit and hopefully det won’t be so nuts. Happy with my Crit choices for SCH though.

The Sunken Temple of Qarn / Cutter’s Cry / Stone Vigil / Dzemael Darkhold / Aurum Vale

* The number of experience points received from bosses has been increased, while that received from all other enemies has been decreased. Please note this does not affect the overall experience gained from the above dungeons.

Guess that SE wants to cut down on speed running first rooms only…

[2.0] Players can now join an instanced duty in the following circumstances:
While watching certain cutscenes.
While playing a mini-game in the Gold Saucer.
While challenging a player or NPC to a Triple Triad match.

Yes! You can finally throw a triple triad game when your duty pops.

[2.0] The requirements to unlock Duty Roulette: Trials has been changed. Players can now participate in this roulette after unlocking any two trials listed under this category.

I think this is pretty sensible. Much more incentive for people to do this now.

[3.0] Players will now be rewarded experience points upon completing Duty Roulette: Main Scenario, Duty Roulette: Trials, or Duty Roulette: High Level prior to level 60.

So you can get xp if you do Daily duties even on pre 60 content. Nice.

Players can select Pass even when they have already selected Need or Greed if the loot has not yet been distributed.
Party members will now receive a notification in the log window when you select Need, Greed, or Pass.

Both of these are win. The number of times someone has said after I’ve rolled that they could use something and I just wanted it for points or desynth and I’d wished I’d passed… Also, no more hanging around waiting for sneaky players to roll or pass because they can’t hide behind anonymity.

Players can now select Item Comparison, Try On, Search for Item, and Link when viewing items in the lot window.


Players can no longer lot on untradeable mounts or minions they have already acquired.
Furthermore, lootmasters cannot distribute untradeable mounts or minions to party members that have already acquired them.

Didn’t know this was a big deal but makes sense.

[2.0] Players can now cast Teleport and Return while riding a mount.


[3.0] New master recipe books have been added.
[2.0] New recipes have been added to the previously existing master recipe books.
If a player has already used these master recipe books, the recipes will be automatically added to the crafting log upon the release of patch 3.0.

I’m glad I’ve unlocked Master II for a couple of crafters already but yuck!

[2.0] High quality items can now be converted into normal quality items.

Oh thank god! Fed up with having 16 NQ and 2 HQ of low level materials where I don’t need the HQ to HQ.

[2.0] Fishers must now use the action Snagging to obtain timeworn maps.

Minor irritation fixed!

[2.0] The requirements to gather level 50 one, two, and three star items has been reduced.

Don’t see a need for this. Curious as to why.

[3.0] The Au Ra race is now available when hiring a new retainer or using retainer fantasia on those in your employ.

Yay! Time for sexy Au Ra male retainers all round! Well okay, maybe 1.

[2.0] Players can now hire up to eight retainers.

Yes, you can. But you have to pay real life money for them. Just like FFXI.

[2.0][3.0] The Currency tab has been removed, and added as a new option under Character in the main menu. (and has MGP in it!)

[2.0] Left-clicking the gil icon will now open the Currency window. (Windows, Mac, and PlayStation®4 only)

[2.0] Right-clicking the gil icon will now switch between gil, company seals, and MGP. (Windows, Mac, and PlayStation®4 only)

Finally – all that stuff is together now.

[2.0] Use of the /visor command will now be saved when creating gear sets.

Another minor irritation fixed.

[2.0] Players can now select Item Comparison, Try On, Search for Item, and Link when selecting quest rewards.


[2.0] To reduce server congestion after the release of patch 3.0, players who are inactive for thirty minutes will be logged out automatically.
* We will continue to monitor server activity and remove this feature when server congestion is determined to no longer be an issue.

Suspect this means Jero will rarely be online 😉

[2.0] Players can no longer send friend requests when playing with a free trial account.
* Players can still receive friend requests when playing with a free trial account.

Oh thank god!
Just a few of the lesser things which people might miss and that I found interesting


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