Healers and DPSing

I’m going to be straight here and admit that my SCH is 60, my WHM is 50 and my AST is 53. So, I don’t have 60 experience as a WHM or AST. My 60 experience is as a SCH but it gives me some insight into what’s going on with healing and dpsing.

I am not a ‘world-first’ player. Hell, I’m not even as hardcore as I was in FFXI. I’m a decent player who makes an effort to level all classes and jobs for the appropriate cross-class skills. I get around to trying most things and up until Heavensward had beaten all extreme Primals and up to T9 in Coil. I figure this puts me fairly middle of the road. I’ve cleared normal Alexander multiple times now and have access to Savage.

How do I feel about healing and DPS?

I have mixed feelings about it. I think confidence is also a thing in DPSing as a healer.

Whilst levelling, I spent a lot of time learning. I kept my gear uptodate but I didn’t know where the crisis points were in dungeons, where the big pulls were and which fights were going to strain my MP. Other people were also learning. So DPS got caught out in more AoEs, tanks didn’t always have their cooldowns ready for big hits etc. If I feel the group isn’t coping well or is dealing with a lot of new stuff, I won’t DPS. So, if the DPS are getting hit by a lot of damage, if the tank doesn’t have or use their cooldowns etc and everyone is generally being hit hard, I’m not going to go out of my way to DPS. Even then I’ll throw out Virus.

If my party members aren’t getting hit by much and the DPS is really slow, I will switch to Cleric Stance and try and help out with DPS. A lot of people who don’t play healers don’t realise what a change it is that Lustrate is no longer an ability but is now an insta cast cure. This cuts down how much it cures under Cleric Stance. So whilst previously I’d have more wriggle room, I feel like I have to be a little more careful with curing on SCH now.

When we all started hitting 60 and gearing up, I noticed more opportunities and more breathing room for DPS. So I will if I can but it’s not my focus. My focus is keeping you alive. I always look at SCH’s DPS in 60 dungeons as a bonus to help a bit.

In raids, things are a bit different. For one, there’s another healer there, so there’s some cover for your oshit moments. Also people tend to try harder and work better together. I find with raids there are often points in fights where you can DPS and then other moments where you really can’t. The prime example of this is Faust in Alexander. I haven’t done Savage yet but even the first one is a great example. In the beginning you can DPS and contribute significantly. Later the tanks take more damage and it becomes harder.

I honestly don’t feel that DPS is my role but I can see that it can help a bit. I don’t hugely enjoy it but will contribute if I can. Sometimes it’s fun to see how much I can throw out there as a SCH (a lot) but I often feel that if you want me to DPS, let me go SMN and I’ll do it properly.

I don’t know how WHM is at 60 but I feel before the AoE nerf that WHMs were better at DPS than SCH even though our DoTs are more significant. So far AST DPS seems pitiful. I’m kinda enjoying AST but SCH so far outshines it in so many ways it’s hard to be motivated to get it to 60. I currently don’t see any reason to take my AST to things over my SCH. I have met amazing 60 AST so I’m going to keep on levelling it but honestly for me SCH wins hands down.

So, if you want me to DPS more – then DPS players need to hit hard, avoid AoEs and learn mechanics. Tanks need to use cooldowns and avoid what you can (harder for you, I know). Then I won’t be constantly mopping up and can then contribute more than healing.

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