3.1 Full patchnotes


So, patch 3.1 is in the process of landing. I know I haven’t updated in an age, this blog has been pretty quiet but my Twitter account is pretty busy so if you want more info from me, best to follow @DrunkenSiren

Full patchnotes can be found here http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/903444f2b2789767bba60554a1ad32e90623d123

Lots of quality of life stuff here but I’m going to pick out a few things which interest me.

The big news:

  • Thordan Weapons – i205
  • The Diadem gear – i150, i180 and i210
  • Void Ark gear – i200
  • Dungeon gear – i185
  • New crafted gear – i185

I am of course desperately excited about the new Airship Exploration because DRUNK has 4 airships, 3 of which are level 50 and we have explored all the pre-existing islands there were to find on the map. So we should be able to go to any of those and enter the Hard Mode maps.

I’ve got no strong feelings about Void Ark, I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes. i200 gear is no shock to me and allows me to gear up some of my other classes which aren’t geared in ESO stuff and to help boost my Eso gear with the weekly.

I start 3.1 with all crafting and gathering classes at 60. Botanist has the 3 legendary books complete but haven’t done the books yet for Miner and Fisher. I can currently craft 1star 60 gear and am about to start melding/working on gear for 2 star. Interested in the new minions I might be able to craft…

In other news… I already qualify for the minions achievements… and I’m at 4/7 ponies for my Kirin mount.

I made this video last night of Idyllshire in case it changes in 3.1

Glamour gear from 3.1


  • House Fortemps Kite Shield
  • Bunny Chief Crown
  • Flat Cap
  • Red Beret
  • Green Beret
  • White Beret
  • Elegant Rimless Glasses
  • Reading Glasses
  • Shaded Visor
  • Cockscomb
  • High House Cloche
  • Coeurl Mask
  • Succubus Horns


  • Bunny Chief Bustier
  • High House Justaucorps
  • High House Bustle
  • Falconer Shirt Body
  • Rainbow Justacorps
  • Rainbow Bustle
  • Ramie Shirt


  • Bunny Chief Loops
  • Punching Gloves Hands


  • Bunny Chief Tights
  • High House Breeches
  • Rainbow Breeches
  • Falconer’s Bottoms
  • Dragonskin Bottoms


  • Bunny Chief Pumps
  • High House Boots
  • High House Heels
  • Archaeoskin Boots
  • Archaeoskin Heels
  • Falconer’s Boots
  • Dragonskin Boots

I am somewhat irritated by this as we’ve just made the Level 3 stand…

Level 4 Aetherial Wheel Stand Furnishings A metal stand upon which aetherial wheels are placed and spun to charge. Holds two grade 1, one grade 2, and one grade 3 wheel.
※One stand per estate only.

Quite interested by this…

Cob Inner Wall Interior Wall A rustic wall made of soil, straw, and lime.

because we make our middle floor look like a tavern

I’m really interested in this

Cold Knight’s Cookfire

because the existing tripod thingy isn’t great

Manor Flooring & Manor Oven
might be nice…


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