More airship exploration – Skynamis (Easy)

So I queued solo this time for the Easy version. You buy a voucher in Isgard and then queue for it just like you do any other duty.


Didn’t take too long to pop. You don’t need to uncover the map again.
You have the same deal with the Aetherial points to unlock flying but I think we needed one less for Easy. We started on a different island too and the mobs were markedly different. They were all lower rank – they all seem to be I and IIs


The group was relatively coherent in getting its three objectives but after that it didn’t work. One guy ‘dc’d’ and another immediately split off to gather.

We did manage to pop Celphie (an NM) but because of the amount of stupid we had in our group, people kept aggroing and then once we failed once, scattered to the winds.


I tried more gathering this time and managed to get a couple of steel spoils. They pop like hidden items in nodes.I also managed to pop some chests whilst mining. When they open, stuff gets distributed randomly. You find items up in the nodes there which are ‘hidden’ in other Heavensward zones.


I think it’s a good way at getting some quick Eso’s – just join a group and stick around for the 3 objectives. Ideally I think for farming parties take your own group in. Either queue via Ishgard with 8 or go in using your FC ships if you have em.


Having an agreed aim for your run is probably a good idea. So if you go in with a full 8, I’d advise just kill spamming and chest/NM popping or going in there, getting your esos and then mass gather.


Still, was fun. I think I’d prefer to go in with a preformed group than randoms but it’s an option and a good one. You can leave as soon as you’re done with Eso’s if you wanted to.

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