FFXIV, healing & DPS

Back to one of my current bugbears. FFXIV, healers and DPS.

I’ve already written about the fact that I don’t enjoy doing DPS as a healer. I will contribute (because I feel I have no option) but a discussion on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/3ta4m4/what_the_jp_of_are_saying_about_tank_and_a_tiny/cx4egah

started up from my comment.

I said:

I actually dislike the fact that in this game Healers and tanks are supposed to contribute a significant amount of DPS as well as perform the other roles they need to. Sure in some circumstances you can but we’re not asking DPS to heal or tank, so why are we asking tanks and healers to DPS? Fact is though we need to sometimes and I just wish fights were designed slightly differently and that DPS were taught better.
I do DPS as required but it’s not what I wanted from levelling healers. In FFXI I would enfeeble which would contribute in some situations and heal and I was busy enough. Whilst XIV is a different game I don’t think they have the balance right on healing jobs in this game.

The discussion which started from this comment was pretty decent. For me (and I appreciate you guys may not agree) the issue here is not about a healer being lazy (or not) but about the fact that SE is incredibly controlling over things like the ability to debuff mobs and buff players and has been a bit lazy in their design of healing classes. AST is a bit of a move towards that but it doesn’t go far enough.

As a healer in FFXI (yes, I know this isn’t FFXI) I was incredibly busy. Here, I have one action to cleanse debuffs. I don’t have haste. I don’t have enfeebles. I might have some dots and some DPS spells.

One person said ‘try single healing raids’ and I do and can. Not everything – but quite a bit. What I’d rather have to do is more stuff to support the raid which is not DPS related. I have SMN, why do I want to play SCH on my SMN?

I also (on SCH) have a crapload of MP – give me more to do with it. Let me make more choices, give me more party buffs or give me more enfeebles. Give me other ways to contribute which doesn’t involve stance-dancing and always feeling as if I’m playing in a suboptimal manner.

Or make the fights really push everyone hard so that tanks really need to use tanking abilities and healers have to focus on keeping people alive. Yes, busier and more stressful.

Just don’t force me to DPS on SCH, WHM and AST (lol) when I signed up for a healer class. Because honestly, I could just play SMN and do it far better.

I’m honestly beginning to think I want them to boot Cleric Stance out of raids and roulettes. There has to be something else you can do – design a fight differently or give healers different ways to support (see: AST as a start) which complements the other things healers are doing.

Oh and teach DPS how to DPS well. Cos there are a lot of DPS who don’t.

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