Haven’t been here in a while…

I spend most of my time now, spamming light updates on Twitter but occasionally I feel the urge to come and write something here.

I’ve been sick for the past 10 days (not great) and so I seemed to have managed to do quite  lot on the crafting front.  I was very down about crafting but now I’ve cheered right up.  The changes to scrips and the new omnigear are a step in the right direction.

I’m the first to admit that I kinda gave up/backed off from crafting once I hit 60. Not entirely but I focused on my SCH anima and on gathering a lot more because I didn’t have the gil to compete.  I wish I was driven by money-making in games but I’m not unless I have a particular target.


Right now, I’m a solid 3 star Weaver. I augmented my mainhand, I’d gotten my 170 offhand HQ’d having collected mats and then I augmented the 180 body and hands. I managed to make a 170 belt before the update and meld that up.

Red blue scrips ex

Once 3.3 hit, I turned in some red scrip tokens for blues. I know I could have used them for my SCH book but I’m honestly not as driven to push that right now.  I now have at least i180 tools on all crafters and all of them are solid 2 star.

My LTR is close to 3 star and I hope will be next week. Although you are reading the idiot who managed to automatically buy 9 x Red Scrip tokens instead of Goblin items. I actually used my one-time account restore for that.

The interdependence on Specialists for materials for the Ironworks gear means I’m having to have things made or selling the base materials and buying the HQ versions of the end product but the aim is to get me to the point where I can make the Ironworks left side and then hopefully be high enough to make some of the right. My specialisms are WVR, LTR and GSM.  I wish I could be CRP too but you can’t. Well not without an alt.  I have considered it. BSM, CRP and possibly ALC would all be great.

RedScrip Cockup

For me (and I’m sure a lot of others) this opens up endgame crafting again. Augmented gear is good and a close second to Ironworks which makes it a useful stepping stone.

I love making my own gear and gear for others. The biggest competition I have right now is myself. I should, stop and gather all day every day (as my gatherers are all pretty good, hitting the highest nodes in the game before the update) and sell all the things and then buy a bunch of stuff but beyond materials, I don’t want to do that. I just want my name on my gear – wherever possible 🙂



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