Are you looking for a new home?

ffxiv_19112016_102032Drunken Siren’s Call is a mixed EU/NA Free Company founded at launch on Siren. Our tag is DRUNK – but fear not, we’re not a bunch of alcoholics. We’re a small but friendly group who want to grow and we welcome players at all levels.

Do you work shifts or are an EU player on an NA server and need more people to hang out with? The group is most active in the EST afternoons and evenings. We’re looking for people who like to chat but everyone has time to do their own thing.

This is us on Lodestone


We have a Medium house in Ward 1 of the Mist (Plot 14) with all mod cons. We use Discord and GroupMe (both optional) and really would like some more sociable types to run content with. We don’t raid Savage, we do get around to most content eventually and can help with clears.

Comment here here or /tell Mexi Lostbane, Niamh Cassandra, Mara Law, Hera Brimack or Shaoran Kun in game.


You can also find us on Twitter or on Facebook


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