Bird Farming – Ravana Ex revision notes

Leaving here for my sanity. I’ve beaten Bismark, Ravana and Sophia out of the Heavensward Extreme Primals and seen Nidhogg to a decent level. Never tried Thordan or Sephi but hoping to do Zurvan this weekend.

I understand how Ravana works but have not memorised things well enough to articulate them to other people. So I’m posting here the stuff that comes up as runs are so fast now. 

Ravana Ex Keynotes

(cut down from)

  • Prelude to Liberation then stack in centre for fire AoEs and circles
  • After the cast completes, you should immediately run to the center of the room. For line-fire AoEs If you are stacked in the center, these AoEs will be dropped through the center of the room, creating a criss-cross of fire lines across the arena.
  • Ravana will also drop 3 puddles of fire that inflict Burns on anyone who walks into them – do not walk into these at all costs.
  • After the circles explode, run to the middle – Ravana will land in the center and begin charging up his next move, Liberation
  • Immediately stack behind Ravana once you see Liberation being cast. Continue DPSing Ravana until the cast completes
  • Ravana will then take off into the air, before landing back down at one of the edges of the arena, along with 3 clones.Take note of where Ravana lands, and when the second Ravana lands, move to the empty side of the arena.
  • Ultimate: After the double Atma-Linga, Ravana will move to the center and begin casting Bloody Fuller. When this cast finishes, he will cast Chandrahas on the party, lifting the party into the air for about 15 seconds and dealing raid-wide damage.
  • Upon landing, immediately make sure there is a wall behind you. If not, move around Ravana until you have a wall behind you.
  • Pillars of Heaven. This move causes immense knockback and will knock you off the stage if there is no wall behind you, and deals more damage the closer you are to Ravana.
  • Immediately after Pillars of Heaven completes, a member of the party will be marked with a grey marker – this is the marker for Laughing Rose. Stack for this.
  • A member of the party will be marked with a red Prey debuff – this debuff can be passed to other members of the party by walking on top of them. Give to tank
  • After Prey – orbs (Rose of Conviction). Gather up, run clockwise
  • Ravana starts casting Swift Liberation in this phase. Save DPS for this => Swords/Purple circles

Should be dead.

Full video guide here from MTQCapture


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